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Afromoths, online database of Afrotropical moth species (Lepidoptera)

Last updated: 25 April 2019

This website provides an online database of the Afrotropical moth species (Lepidoptera), updated with the latest information obtained from 7,769 published sources and from our own studies. It currently holds information on

  • family-group names: 561
  • genus-group names: 8,086 (recognized genera: 4,509)
  • species-group names: 38,988 (recognized species: 28,454)
  • photographs: 28,325
  • country records: 80,987
  • host plant records: 7,447

The current list is continuously updated and information on the original description, type locality, types and their depository, distribution and foodplants is added at a regular basis.

We are grateful for any corrections or additional information. Please refer to us.

Feel free to use the information presented and please remember to cite us in any work you produce from this data.

All images on this website are copyrighted by the photographer and by the museum from which the photographs are taken. They can only be used in publications, printed or on the web, after an agreement with the mentioned photographer and museum.

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