Euzopherodes Hampson, 1899

FAMILY Pyralidae
SUBFAMILY Phycitinae
AUTHORHampson, 1899
PUBLICATIONHampson G. F. 1899d. The moths of India. Supplementary paper to the volumes in "The fauna of British India". - Journal of the Bombay natural History Society 12(2):304–314; (3): 475–485; (4): 697–715, pl. A.
COMMENTSType species: Euzopherodes albicans Hampson, 1899. Journal of the Bombay natural History Society 12: 475. By original designation.

Genus Synonyms

Delattinia Roesler, 1965 Synonym of genus
Epilydia Amsel, 1954 Synonym of genus
Euzopherades Hampson, 1927 Unavailable name
Infinita Whalley, 1970 Synonym of genus
Lydia Rebel, 1901 Unavailable name
Lydia Hampson, 1901 Unavailable name
Neononia Hampson, 1930 Synonym of genus
Nyctigenes Meyrick, 1937 Synonym of genus
Phlocophaga Amsel, 1935 Unavailable name
Phloeophaga Chrétien, 1911 Synonym of genus
Radiestra Hampson, 1927 Synonym of genus
Symphestia Hampson, 1930 Synonym of genus
Trigonopyralis Amsel, 1935 Synonym of genus


capicola Balinsky, 1994 Species Balinsky B. I. 1994. A study of African Phycitinae in the Transvaal Museum. - — :1–208.
euphrontis (Meyrick, 1937) Species Meyrick E. 1937a. Exotic Microlepidoptera 5. - — 5(3–5):65–160.
lecerfi (Schmidt, 1934) Synonym of species Schmidt A. 1934. On the Pyralidae collected by Messrs. F. Le Cerf and G. Talbot in the Great Atlas of Morocco. - Annals and Magazine of Natural History (10) 14(83):533–546, pl. 17.
lutescentella Chrétien, 1911 Synonym of species Chrétien P. 1911d. Contribution à la connaissance des Lépidoptères du nord de l'Afrique. - Annales de la Société entomologique de France 79 (1910):497–531.
maroccella (Roesler, 1965) Synonym of species Roesler R.-U. 1965. Untersuchungen über die Systematik und Chorologie des Homoeosoma-Ephestia-Komplexes (Lepidoptera: Phycitinae). - — :1–266.
myopalis (Turati, 1930) Species Turati E. 1930a. Novità di Lepidotterologica in Cirenaica III. - Atti della Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali e del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano 69(1):46–92, pl. 1.
sudanicola Roesler, 1973 Species Roesler R.-U. 1973. Phycitinae. Trifine Acrobasiina. – In: Amsel, H. G., Gregor, F. & Reisser, H. (eds.) Microlepidoptera Palaearctica. - — 4:i–xvi, 1–752; 1–137, pls 1–170.
tenebrosa (Zeller, 1867) Synonym of species Zeller P. C. 1867e. Einige von Herrn Pickard Cambridge besonders in Aegypten und Palästina gesammelte Microlepidoptera. - Stettiner Entomologische Zeitung 28(10–12):365–387.
vapidella (Staudinger, 1879) Synonym of species Staudinger O. 1880. Lepidopteren-Fauna Kleinasien's (Fortsetzung). - Horae Societatis Entomologicae Rossicae 15 (1879)(4):159–435.
vapidella (Mann, 1857) Species Mann J. 1857. Verzeichnis der im Jahre 1953 in der Gegend von Fiume gesammelten Schmetterlinge. - Wiener entomologische Monatschrift 1(6):161–189.
xylobrunnea (Amsel, 1951) Synonym of species Amsel H. G. 1951a. Die Microlepidopteren der Brandt'schen Iran-Ausbeute. 3. Teil. - Arkiv för Zoologi (2) 1(36):525–563.