Stemorrhages Lederer, 1863

FAMILY Crambidae
SUBFAMILY Spilomelinae
AUTHORLederer, 1863
PUBLICATIONLederer J. 1863c. Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Pyraliden. - Wiener entomologische Monatschrift 7(8):243-280, (10): 331-378, (11): 380-426, (12): 427-502, pls 2-18.
PAGINATION 277 [key], 397 Bhl
COMMENTSType species: Phalaena sericea Drury, 1773. Illustrations of the natural history of exotic insects 9: index, pl. 6, fig. 1. By monotypy.


beryllalis (Guenée, 1854) Synonym of species Guenée A. M. 1854. Histoire naturelle des Insectes. VIII. Species général des Lépidoptères. Deltoïdes et Pyralites. - — 8:1-448.
beryttalis Hampson, 1898 Unavailable name Hampson G. F. 1898c. On a collection of Heterocera made in the Transvaal. - Annals and Magazine of Natural History (7) 1(2):158-164.
congradalis (Hübner, 1825) Synonym of species Hübner J. 1816-1826. Verzeichnis bekannter Schmettlinge [sic]. - — :1-432.
laterata (Fabricius, 1794) Synonym of species Fabricius J. C. 1794. Entomologia Systematica emendata et aucta. Secundum Classes, Ordines, Genera, Species, Adjectis synonymis, Locis, observationibus, descriptionibus. - — 3(2):1-349.
polita Camera (Cramer, 1777) Synonym of species Cramer P. 1777. De uitlandsche Kapellen voorkomende in de drie waereld-deelen Asia, Africa en America, by een verzameld en beschreeven door den heer Pieter Cramer (etc.). - — 2(9-16):1-152, pls 97-192.
sericea Camera (Drury, 1773) Species Drury D. 1773. Illustrations of Natural History, wherein are exhibited upwards of two hundred and forty figures of Exotic Insects, according to their different genera, very few of which have hitherto been figured by any author, being engraved and coloured from (etc.) - — 2:i-vii, 1-190, pls 1-50.
sericeolalis (Guenée, 1862) Synonym of species Guenée A. M. 1862. Lépidoptères. - In: Maillard, L., Notes sur l'île de la Réunion (Bourbon) (Annexe G). - — :1-72; pls. 12-13.
thalassinalis (Boisduval, 1833) Synonym of species Boisduval J. B. A. 1833b. Faune entomologique de Madagascar, Bourbon et Maurice. Lépidoptères. Avec des notes sur les moeurs, par M. Sganzin. - — :1-122, pls 1-16.