Agrius Hübner, 1819

FAMILY Sphingidae
SUBFAMILY Sphinginae
AUTHORHübner, 1819

Genus Synonyms

Timoria Kaye, 1919 Synonym of genus


abadonna (Fabricius, 1798) Synonym of species Fabricius J. C. 1798. Supplementum Entomologia Systematicae. - — :1–572.
affinis (Goeze, 1780) Synonym of species  
aksuensis (Bang-Haas O., 1927) Synonym of species Bang-Haas O. 1927. Horae Macrolepidopterologiae regionis palaearcticae. - — 1:1–128, pls 1–11.
alicea (Neuburger, 1899) Unavailable name  
batatae (Christ, 1882) Synonym of species  
cingulata (Fabricius, 1775) Species Fabricius J. C. 1775. Systema Entomologiae sistens insectorum classes, ordines, genera, species, adiectis synonymis, locis, descriptionibus, observationibus. - — :1–832.
convolvoli Keferstein, 1861 Unavailable name  
convolvuli Camera (Linnaeus, 1758) Species Linnaeus C. 1758. Systema Naturae per Regna Tria Naturae, .... Tomus I. Editio Decima, Reformata. - — :i–iv, 1–824.
decolora (Edwards, 1882) Unavailable name  
distans (Butler, 1874) Synonym of species  
druraei (Donovan, 1810) Synonym of species Donovan E. 1801. The natural history of British insects; explaining them in their several states, with the periods of their transformations, their food, oeconomy, &c. together with the history of such minute insects as require investigation by the microscope. - — 10:miscellaneous page numbers, pls 325–360.
extincta (Gehlen, 1928) Unavailable name  
fasciata (Pillich, 1909) Unavailable name  
fuscosignata Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
grisea Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
ichangensis Tutt, 1904 Synonym of species  
indica (Skell, 1913) Synonym of species  
intermedia Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
javanensis Tutt, 1904 Synonym of species  
major Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
marshallensis (Clark, 1922) Synonym of species Clark B. P. 1922. Twenty-five new Sphingidae. - Proceedings of the New England Zoological Club 8(1):1–23.
minor Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
nigricans (Cannaviello, 1900) Synonym of species  
obscura Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
orientalis (Butler, 1877) Synonym of species Butler A. G. 1877b. Revision of the Heterocerous Lepidoptera of the family Sphingidae. - Transactions of the zoological Society of London 9 (1876)(10):511–644, pls. 90–94.
pallida (Closs, 1917) Unavailable name  
patatas (Ménétriès, 1857) Unavailable name  
peitaihoensis (Clark, 1922) Synonym of species Clark B. P. 1922. Twenty-five new Sphingidae. - Proceedings of the New England Zoological Club 8(1):1–23.
posticoconflua (Bryk, 1946) Unavailable name  
pseudoconvolvuli (Schaufuss, 1870) Synonym of species Schaufuss L. W. 1870. Die exotischen Lepidoptera heterocera der früher Kaden'schen Sammlung. - Nunquam otiosus 1(1):7–23.
pungens (Eschscholtz, 1821) Synonym of species  
roseofasciata (Koch, 1865) Synonym of species  
suffusa Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
tahitiensis Tutt, 1904 Synonym of species  
tukurine (Lichy, 1943) Unavailable name  
unicolor Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
variegata Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
virgata Tutt, 1904 Unavailable name  
ypsilon-nigrum (Bryk, 1953) Unavailable name