Rhipheus Swainson, 1833

FAMILY Uraniidae
AUTHORSwainson, 1833
STATUSSynonym of genus
PUBLICATIONSwainson W. 1833. Zoological Illustrations, or original figures and descriptions of new, rare, or interesting animals, selected chiefly from the classes of Ornithology, Entomology, and Conchology, and arranged according to their apparent affinity. - — (2) 3(28):pls 92-136.
PAGINATION 125 [key]
COMMENTSType species: Papilio rhipheus Drury, 1773. Illustrations of the natural history of exotic insects: index, 40; pl. 23, figs 1, 2. By monotypy [included as Rhipheus dasycephalus Swainson, 1833, an unnecessary objective replacement name]. A junior objective synonym of Chrysiridia Hübner, 1823.