Oar Prout, 1913

FAMILY Geometridae
SUBFAMILY Sterrhinae
AUTHORProut, 1913
PUBLICATIONProut L. B. 1912–1916. Spannerartige Nachtfalter. – In Seitz A. (Ed.), Die Gross-Schmetterlinge der Erde. I. Abteilung. Die Gross-Schmetterlinge des Palaearktischen Faunengebietes. - — 4:i–v, 1–479, pls 1–25.
COMMENTSType species: Phalaena pratana Fabricius, 1794. Entomologia systematica 3(2): 161. By original designaton.


nigrescens (Hampson, 1896) Synonym of subspecies Walsingham Thomas de Grey & Hampson G. F. 1896. On moths collected at Aden and in Somaliland. - Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1896(1):257–283, pl. 10.
obscuraria (Bethune-Baker, 1894) Synonym of subspecies Bethune-Baker G. T. 1894. Notes on some Lepidoptera received from the neighbourhood of Alexandria. - Transactions of the entomological Society of London 1894:33–51, pl. 1.
oppressa (Walker, 1870) Subspecies Walker F. 1870. A list of the Lepidoptera collected by J. K. Lord, Esq., in Egypt, along the African shore of the Red Sea, and in Arabia; with descriptions of the species new to science. - The Entomologist 5(80–81):123–134; (82): 151–155.
pratana (Fabricius, 1794) Species Fabricius J. C. 1794. Entomologia Systematica emendata et aucta. Secundum Classes, Ordines, Genera, Species, Adjectis synonymis, Locis, observationibus, descriptionibus. - — 3(2):1–349.
tertia Hausmann, 2009 Species Hausmann A. 2009b. New and interesting geometrid moths from Sokotra islands (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). - Mitteilungen der Münchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft 99:95–104.