Percnoptilota Hulst, 1896

FAMILY Geometridae
SUBFAMILY Larentiinae
AUTHORHulst, 1896
STATUSSynonym of genus
PUBLICATIONHulst G. D. 1896. A classification of the Geometrina of North America, with descriptions of new genera and species. - Transactions of the American Entomological Society 23(3):245–396, pls 10–11.
COMMENTSType species: Geometra fluviata Hübner, 1799. Sammlung europäischer Schmetterlinge 5: pl. 54, figs 280, 281. By original designation. The objective replacement name of Plemyria Hübner, 1825: 334. Included by Parsons et al. (1999: 677) as a junior synonym of Orthonama Hübner, 1825.