Hippotion comoroana Clark, 1929


FAMILY Sphingidae
SUBFAMILY Macroglossinae
GENUS Hippotion
SPECIES comoroana
AUTHORClark, 1929
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONHippotion eson comoroana subsp. nov.
TYPE LOCALITYComoros, Grande Comore, e.l. v.1921, leg. G. F. Leigh.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Holotype ♂, CMNH; Paratypes 1♂, 2♀, CMNH.
STATUS Synonym of species
SYNONYM OFgracilis
COMMENTA junior subjective synonym of Chaerocampa gracilis Butler, 1875; synonymized by U. Eitschberger (2006: 372). Had been synonymized with Sphinx eson Cramer, 1779 by I. Kitching & J.-M. Cadiou (2000: 48, 115-116).
PUBLICATION Clark B. P. 1929. Sundry notes on Sphingidae, descriptions of sixteen new species, and of one new genus. - Proceedings of the New England Zoological Club 11:7-24.