Zekelita ravalis (Herrich-Schäffer, 1851)


FAMILY Erebidae
GENUS Zekelita
SPECIES ravalis
AUTHOR(Herrich-Schäffer, 1851)
TYPE LOCALITY[Turkey], Amasya, leg. Lederer.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Probably lost (see M. Lödl & Mayerl 1997b: 91).
STATUS Species
COMMENTTransferred to Zekelita by M. Lödl & B. Mayerl (1997b: 90). Transferred to subgenus Zekelita by H. Hacker (2021: 204).
PUBLICATION Herrich-Schäffer G. A. W. 1843-1855. Systematische Bearbeitung der Schmetterlinge von Europa, zugleich als Text, Revision und Supplement zu Jakob Hübner's Sammlung Europäischer Schmetterlinge. Die Schärmer, Spinner und Eulen. - — 2:1-450, pls 1-124.
PAGINATION 425-426; pl. 119, fig. 613 Bhl

Species pictures


centralis (Staudinger, 1891) Synonym of species
eremialis (Swinhoe, 1889) Synonym of species
extorris (Warren, 1913) Synonym of species
pallida (Draudt, 1936) Synonym of species
revolutalis (Zeller, 1852) Synonym of species
separata (Warren, 1913) Synonym of species
syriacalis (Staudinger, 1891) Synonym of species
transcaspica (Brandt, 1941) Synonym of species

Species Distribution

Bahrain   Wiltshire E. P. 1964. The Lepidoptera of Bahrain. - Journal of the Bombay natural History Society 61(1):119-141, pls 1-3. 138 (as revolutalis)
Ethiopia   Berio E. 1944. Missione biologica Sagan-Omo diretta dal Prof. E. Zavattari. Lepidoptera Agaristidae e Noctuidae. - Memorie della Società Entomologica Italiana 23:74-79. 78 (as revolutalis)
Ghana   Hampson G. F. 1902a. The moths of South Africa (Part II). - Annals of the South African Museum 2(10):255-446. 434 (as revolutalis)
Kenya   Hampson G. F. 1902a. The moths of South Africa (Part II). - Annals of the South African Museum 2(10):255-446. 434 (as revolutalis)
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Saudi Arabia   Wiltshire E. P. 1980a. Lepidoptera: Fam. Cossidae, Limacodidae, Sesiidae, Lasiocampidae, Sphingidae, Notodontidae, Geometridae, Lymantriidae, Nolidae, Arctiidae, Agaristidae, Noctuidae, Ctenuchidae. - In: Wittmer & Büttiker (eds.), Fauna of Saudi Arabia 2. - Fauna of Saudi Arabia 2:179-240. 236 (as revolutalis)
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Zambia   Hampson G. F. 1910c. Zoological collections from Northern Rhodesia and adjacent territories: Lepidoptera Phalaenae. - Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1910(2):388-510, pls 36-41. 450 (as revolutalis)

Notes:  Oriental: India, Pakistan; Palaearctic: Afghanistan, Armenia, Cyprus, Egypt (Sinai), Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Palestine, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Uzbekistan.

Host Plants

Fabaceae Alhagi sp.   Hacker H. H. 2016a. Systematic and illustrated catalogue of the Macroheterocera and Cossoidea Leach, [1815], Zygaenoidea Latreille, 1809, Thyridoidea Herrich-Schäffer, 1846 and Hyblaeoidea Hampson, 1903 of the Arabian Peninsula, with a survey of their distribution (Lepid.). - Esperiana 20(1):1-742; (2): 1-430. 177
Celastraceae Gymnosporia buxifolia Kenya Townsend A. L. H. 1942. Further notes (No. 3) on the early stages of Heterocera bred in the Nakuru District. - Journal of the East Africa and Uganda Natural History Society 42(4-5):197-219. 216 (as extorris)

*   Description of the larva in A. L. H. Townsend (1942: 216).