Eublemma therma Hampson, 1910


FAMILY Erebidae
SUBFAMILY Boletobiinae
GENUS Eublemma
SPECIES therma
AUTHORHampson, 1910
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONEublemma therma, n. sp.
TYPE LOCALITY[Kenya], Br. E. Africa, Eb Urru, leg. C. S. Betton.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Syntypes 1♂, 2♀, BMNH.
STATUS Synonym of species
SYNONYM OFdelicata
COMMENTA junior subjective synonym of Thalpochares delicata Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875; synonymized by H. Hacker (2019a: 287).
PUBLICATION Hampson G. F. 1910e. Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the collection of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.). X. Noctuidae. - — 10:i–xix, 1–829.
PAGINATION 154; pl. 153, fig. 11