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Families 136
Tribes 463
Genera 9129
Species(accepted) 29811
Species(synonyms) 6618
Species(misapplied) 2429
Subspecies 1891
Plants 7109
Parasitoids 1361
Photos 44841
Types 53004
Publications 9953

This website provides an online database of the Afrotropical moth species (Lepidoptera), updated with the latest information obtained from 9,900+ published sources and from our own studies. The current list is continuously updated and information on the original description, type locality, types and their depository, distribution and foodplants is added on a regular basis. Help us by sending your publications and/or photos to or

Feel free to use the information presented and please remember to cite us in any work you produce from this data. Utmost care was taken that the data incorporated in the database were correct. We decline any responsibility in case of damage to software- or hardware based on information used in this website.

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