Metallosetia Stephens, 1834

FAMILY Coleophoridae
SUBFAMILY Coleophorinae
AUTHORStephens, 1834
STATUSSynonym of genus
PUBLICATIONStephens J. F. 1834-1835. Illustrations of British Entomology or, a Synopsis of Indigenous Insects: containing their generic and specific distinctions with an account of their metamorphoses, times of appearance, localities, food, and economy, ... Insecta Haustellata. - — 4:1-436, pls 23-40.
COMMENTSType species: Porrectaria spissicornis Haworth, 1828. Lepidoptera Brittanica 4: 537. By subsequent designation by Westwood, 1840. Introduction to a modern classification of insects 2 (Synopsis Genera British Insects): 112.