Leucopteryx Packard, 1903

FAMILY Saturniidae
SUBFAMILY Saturniinae
AUTHORPackard, 1903
PUBLICATIONPackard A. S. 1903. New generic type of Bombycine moths. - Journal of the New York entomological Society 11:244-249.
PAGINATION 248-249 Bhl
COMMENTSType species: Ceranchia mollis Butler, 1889. Transactions of the Royal entomological Society of London 1889: 391; pl. 12, fig. 5. By original designation.


ansorgei (Rothschild, 1897) Species Rothschild W. 1897b. Some new species of Heterocera. - Novitates Zoologicae 4:307-313.
dargei Camera Bouyer, 2008 Species Bouyer Th. 2008e. Le genre Leucopteryx Packard, 1903 (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae). - Lambillionea 108(4):434-438.
mollis (Butler, 1889) Species Butler A. G. 1889b. Descriptions of some new Lepidoptera-Heterocera in the collection of the Hon. Walter de Rothschild. - Transactions of the entomological Society of London 1889:389-392, pl. 12.
reticolens (Sonthonnax, 1904) Unavailable name Sonthonnax L. 1904. Essai de classification des Lépidoptères producteurs de soie. Saturniens (suite). - — 4:1-86, pls 1-28.