Catamecia Staudinger, 1898

FAMILY Noctuidae
AUTHORStaudinger, 1898
PUBLICATIONStaudinger O. 1898b. Neue Lepidopteren aus Palaestina. - Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 10 (1897)(2):271-319, pl. 4.
COMMENTSType speciesm Catamecia jordana Staudinger, 1897. Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift, Iris 10(1): 288; pl. 4, fig. 23. By monotypy.


aeton (Culot, 1912) Synonym of species Culot J. 1909-1913. Noctuelles et Géomètres d'Europe. Première partie Noctuelles. - — 1:1-220, pls 1-38.
arabica Wiltshire, 1949 Synonym of species Wiltshire E. P. 1949a. Middle East Lepidoptera, IX [sic, recte X]. New species and forms from Arabia and Persia, with a description of the genus Tamsola from Iraq. - Bulletin of the Society Fouad I Entomology 33:353-372.
balestrei Lucas D., 1907 Synonym of species Lucas D. 1907a. Lépidoptères nouveaux de Tunisie. - Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France 1907:180-181.
connectens Camera (Hampson, 1902) Species Hampson G. F. 1902a. The moths of South Africa (Part II). - Annals of the South African Museum 2(10):255-446.
delicata (Turati, 1934) Synonym of species Turati E. 1934a. Novità di Lepidotterologica in Cirenaica IV. - Atti della Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali e del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano 73(1-2):159-212, pl. 3.
jordana Staudinger, 1898 Synonym of species Staudinger O. 1898b. Neue Lepidopteren aus Palaestina. - Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 10 (1897)(2):271-319, pl. 4.
kordofana Wiltshire, 1977 Species Wiltshire E. P. 1977a. Middle East Lepidoptera XXXIV. More new species of Noctuidae (Lep.) from Africa and Arabia, with further records of Lepidoptera from the Sudan. - Mitteilungen der Münchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft 66:127-140.
mauretanica Staudinger, 1901 Synonym of species Staudinger O. & Rebel H. 1901. Catalogus der Lepidopteren des Paläarktischen Faunengebietes. - — :1-411, 1-368.
minima (Swinhoe, 1889) Species Swinhoe C. 1889. On new Indian Lepidoptera, chiefly Heterocera. - Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1889:396-432, pls 43-44.