Descriptions of new African Lepidoptera.

Author:Bethune-Baker G. T.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(8) 3
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Aegocera tricolora Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Aegocera tricolora Aegocera tricolora, sp. n.
Characoma sexilinea (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Hypothripa sexilinea Hypothripa sexilinea, sp. n.
Delorhachis charopa (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Parasa charopa Parasa charopa, sp. n.
Desmia incomposita (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Glyphodes incomposita Glyphodes incomposita, sp. n.
Dicerogastra confluens (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Borolia confluens Borolia confluens, sp. n.
Diomea disticta Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Diomea disticta Diomea disticta, sp. n.
Elaphrodes nephocrossa Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Elaphrodes nephocrossa Elaphrodes nephocrossa, n. sp.
Estigmene ochreomarginata Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Estigmene ochreomarginata Estigmene ochreomarginata, sp. n.
Euheterospila pectinicornis (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Ophiusa pectinicornis Ophiusa pectinicornis, sp. n.
Euproctis mediosquamosa Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Euproctis mediosquamosa Euproctis mediosquamosa, sp. n.
Geodena disticta (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Soloe disticta Soloe disticta, sp. n.
Halseyia arculinea (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Synonym Limacodes arculinea
Halseyia rufilinea (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Paraphanta rufilinea Paraphanta rufilinea, sp. n.
Hypena leucosticta Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Hypena leucosticta Hypena leucosticta, sp. n.
Hypena poliopera Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Hypena poliopera Hypena poliopera, sp. n.
Lebedodes endomela (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Metarbela endomela Metarbela endomela, sp. n.
Leipoxais ituria Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Leipoxais ituria Leipoxais ituria, sp. n.
Lukeniana obliqualinea (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Metarbela obliqualinea Metarbela obliqualinea, sp. n.
Metarbela nubifera (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Marshalliana nubifera Marshalliana nubifera, sp. n.
Metatacha excavata (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Accepted Ercheia excavata Ercheia excavata, sp. n.
Metopolophota epinephela Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Metopolophota epinephela Metopolophota epinephela, sp. n.
Narosa hedychroa Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Narosa hedychroa Narosa hedychroa, sp. n.
Narosa nephochloeropis Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Narosa nephochloeropis Narosa nephochloëropis, sp. n.
Narosa trilinea Bethune-Baker, 1909 Accepted Narosa trilinea Narosa trilinea, sp. n.
Narthecusa tenuiorata iturina (Bethune-Baker, 1909) Synonym Negla tenuiorata iturina Negla iturina, sp. n.