Descriptions of new species of Lepidoptera from tropical Africa.

Author:Bethune-Baker G. T.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(8) 8
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acontia nephata (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Synonym Tarache nephata Tarache nephata, sp. n.
Acontiola epimochla (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Ozarba epimochla Ozarba epimochla, sp. n.
Acrapex apicestriata (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Ethiopica apicestriata Ethiopica apicestriata, sp. n.
Acrapex brunneosa Bethune-Baker, 1911 Synonym Acrapex brunneosa Acrapex brunneosa, sp. n.
Acrapex ochracea Bethune-Baker, 1911 Synonym Acrapex ochracea Acrapex ochracea, sp. n.
Adisura callima Bethune-Baker, 1911 Accepted Adisura callima Adisura callima, sp. n.
Aedia iridocosma iridocosma Bethune-Baker, 1911 Accepted Aedia iridocosma iridocosma Aedia iridocosma, sp. n.
Aedia iridocosma Bethune-Baker, 1911 Accepted Aedia iridocosma Aedia iridocosma, sp. n.
Aedia nigrescens melanophaes Bethune-Baker, 1911 Synonym Aedia nigrescens melanophaes Aedia melanophaës, sp. n.
Aedia xanthophaes Bethune-Baker, 1911 Accepted Aedia xanthophaes Aedia xanthopaës, sp. n.
Agrotana jacksoni Bethune-Baker, 1911 Accepted Agrotana jacksoni Agrotana jacksoni, sp. n.
Anoba glyphica (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Baniana glyphica Baniana glyphica, sp. n.
Arrade stenoptera (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Heterogramma stenoptera Heterogramma stenoptera, sp. n.
Athetis brunneaplagata (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Elydna brunneaplagata Elydna brunneaplagata, sp. n.
Athetis glaucopis (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Elydna glaucopis Elydna glaucopis, sp. n.
Athetis percnopis (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Elydna percnopis Elydna percnopis, sp. n.
Athetis scotopis (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Elydna scotopis Elydna scotopis, sp. n.
Bamra glaucopasta (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Ostacronycta glaucopasta Ostacronycta glaucopasta, sp. n.
Bertula isosocles (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Dichromia isosocles Dichromia isosocles, sp. n.
Bryophilopsis anomoiota (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Tarache anomoiota Tarache anomoiota, sp. n.
Bryophilopsis variegata (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Synonym Tarache variegata Tarache variegata, sp. n.
Caryonopera triangularis (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Accepted Deinypena triangularis Deinypena triangularis, sp. n.
Catada icelomorpha Bethune-Baker, 1911 Synonym Catada icelomorpha Catada icelomorpha, sp. n.
Catada ndalla Bethune-Baker, 1911 Accepted Catada ndalla Catada n'dalla, sp. n.
Cautatha acutalineata (Bethune-Baker, 1911) Synonym Enispa acutalineata Enispa acutalineata, sp. n.