Catalogue of the Arctianae in the Tring Museum, with notes and descriptions of new species.

Author:Rothschild W.
Journal:Novitates Zoologicae
Pagination:1–85; (2): 113–171
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acantharctia ansorgei Rothschild, 1910 Accepted Acantharctia ansorgei Acantharctia ansorgei spec. nov.
Acantharctia rattrayi (Rothschild, 1910) Misapplied Amsacta rattrayi Am.[sacta] rattrayi spec. nov.
Aloa hampsoni (Rothschild, 1910) Synonym Amsacta hampsoni Am.[sacta] hampsoni spec. nov.
Alpenus affinis (Rothschild, 1910) Misapplied Diacrisia affinis D.[iacrisia] affinis spec. nov.
Alpenus jacksoni (Rothschild, 1910) Misapplied Estigmene jacksoni E.[stigmene] jacksoni spec. nov.
Alpenus pardalina (Rothschild, 1910) Accepted Diacrisia pardalina D.[iacrisia] pardalina spec. nov.
Alpenus schraderi rattrayi (Rothschild, 1910) Accepted Diacrisia schraderi rattrayi D.[iacrisia] rattrayi spec. nov.
Alpenus schraderi schraderi (Rothschild, 1910) Accepted Diacrisia schraderi schraderi D.[iacrisia] schraderi spec. nov.
Alpenus schraderi (Rothschild, 1910) Accepted Diacrisia schraderi D.[iacrisia] schraderi spec. nov.
Amerila rothi (Rothschild, 1910) Accepted Rhodogastria rothi Rhodogastria rothi spec. nov.
Amsacta aureolimbata Rothschild, 1910 Accepted Amsacta aureolimbata Am.[sacta] aureolimbata spec. nov.
Antheua liparidioides (Rothschild, 1910) Accepted Estigmene liparidioides E.[stigmene] liparidioides spec. nov.
Axiopoeniella lasti Rothschild, 1910 Synonym Axiopoeniella lasti Axiopoeniella lasti spec. nov.
Bisolita pembertoni (Rothschild, 1910) Accepted Estigmene pembertoni E.[stigmene] pembertoni spec. nov.
Estigmene ansorgei (Rothschild, 1910) Misapplied Amsacta ansorgei Am.[sacta] ansorgei spec. nov.
Estigmene ansorgei Rothschild, 1910 Accepted Estigmene ansorgei E.[stigmene] ansorgei spec. nov.
Estigmene intermarginalis (Rothschild, 1910) Misapplied Acantharctia intermarginalis Acantharctia intermarginalis Hmpsn.
Estigmene laglaizei Rothschild, 1910 Accepted Estigmene laglaizei E.[stigmene] laglaizei spec. nov.
Estigmene mombasana (Rothschild, 1910) Synonym Diacrisia mombasana D.[iacrisia] mombasana spec. nov.
Estigmene multivittata Rothschild, 1910 Accepted Estigmene multivittata E.[stigmene] multivittata spec. nov.
Estigmene pembertoni (Rothschild, 1910) Synonym Acantharctia pembertoni A.[cantharctia] pembertoni spec. nov.
Estigmene rothi Rothschild, 1910 Accepted Estigmene rothi E.[stigmene] rothi spec. nov.
Estigmene similis Rothschild, 1910 Synonym Estigmene similis E.[stigmene] similis spec. nov.
Estigmene unilinea Rothschild, 1910 Accepted Estigmene unilinea E.[stigmene] unilinea spec. nov.
Eyralpenus inconspicua (Rothschild, 1910) Accepted Diacrisia inconspicua D.[iacrisia] inconspicua spec. nov.