Notes on a collection of Heterocera made by Mr. W. Feather in British East Africa, 1911–13.

Author:Fawcett J. M.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:707–737, pl. 1
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Achyra xanthalis (Fawcett, 1916) Synonym Pionea xanthalis Pionea xanthalis, n. sp.
Aedia iridocosma scylla (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Catephia iridocosma scylla Catephia scylla, sp. n.
Aedia sciras (Fawcett, 1916) Synonym Catephia sciras Catephia sciras, sp. n.
Aedia serapis (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Catephia serapis Catephia serapis, sp. n.
Aedia sospita (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Catephia sospita Catephia sospita, sp. n.
Aethalopteryx pindarus (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Duomitus pindarus Duomitus pindarus, sp. n.
Afromelittia haematopis (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Melittia haematopis Melittia haematopis, sp. n.
Blenina astarte (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Giaura astarte Giaura astarte, sp. n.
Bocula horus (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Athetis horus Athetis horus, sp. n.
Calesia othello (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Lecasia othello Lecasia othello, n. sp.
Chiasmia berengaria (Fawcett, 1916) Synonym Peridela berengaria Peridela berengaria, sp. n.
Chiasmia novaria (Fawcett, 1916) Synonym Peridela novaria Peridela novaria, sp. n.
Ctenusa psamatha Fawcett, 1916 Synonym Ctenusa psamatha Ctenusa rectilinea, sp. n. Form 2. psamatha, nov.
Ctenusa rectilinea Fawcett, 1916 Synonym Ctenusa rectilinea Ctenusa rectilinea, sp. n.
Euheterospila bubastis (Fawcett, 1916) Synonym Giria bubastis Giria bubastis, sp. n.
Eulavinia lavinia (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Phalera lavinia Phalera lavinia, sp. n.
Euphiusa hermione Fawcett, 1916 Accepted Euphiusa hermione Euphiusa hermione, sp. n.
Euphiusa ochreata Fawcett, 1916 Synonym Euphiusa ochreata Euphiusa hermione, sp. n. Form 2. ochreata, nov.
Exeliopsis perse (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Boarmia perse Boarmia perse, sp. n.
Fulvaria striata Fawcett, 1916 Accepted Fulvaria striata Fulvaria striata, sp. n.
Goniorhynchus pasithea (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Lygropia pasithea Lygropia pasithea, sp. n.
Heterorachis idmon Fawcett, 1916 Accepted Heterorachis idmon Heterorachis idmon, sp. n.
Honeyia clearchus (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Brevipecten clearchus Brevipecten clearchus, sp. n.
Hypotia aurora (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Dattinia aurora Dattinia aurora, sp. n.
Hypotia orion (Fawcett, 1916) Accepted Dattinia orion Dattinia orion, sp. n.