List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part IX.– Noctuidae.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 1–252
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acronicta confusa (Walker, 1856) Accepted Leucania confusa Leucania confusa
Chasmina cygnus Walker, 1856 Synonym Chasmina cygnus Chasmina Cygnus
Faronta exoul (Walker, 1856) Accepted Leucania exoul Leucania exoul
Faronta tenebrifera (Walker, 1856) Synonym Leucania tenebrifera Leucania terebrifera
Leucania collecta Walker, 1856 Synonym Leucania collecta Leucania collecta
Leucania curvula Walker, 1856 Accepted Leucania curvula Leucania curvula
Leucania denotata Walker, 1856 Synonym Leucania denotata Leucania denotata
Leucania exterior Walker, 1856 Synonym Leucania exterior Leucania exterior
Leucania thoracica Walker, 1856 Synonym Leucania thoracica Leucania thoracica
Mythimna prominens (Walker, 1856) Accepted Leucania prominens Leucania prominens
Pareuplexia prolifera (Walker, 1856) Accepted Mamestra prolifera Mamestra prolifera
Sesamia incerta (Walker, 1856) Accepted Leucania incerta Leucania incerta
Sesamia inferens (Walker, 1856) Accepted Leucania inferens Leucania inferens
Sesamia proscripta (Walker, 1856) Synonym Leucania proscripta Leucania proscripta
Spodoptera caradrinoides (Walker, 1856) Synonym Laphygma caradrinoides Laphygma ? caradrinoides
Spodoptera glaucistriga (Walker, 1856) Synonym Prodenia glaucistriga Prodenia glaucistriga
Spodoptera inepta (Walker, 1856) Synonym Laphygma inepta Laphygma ? inepta
Spodoptera infecta (Walker, 1856) Synonym Prodenia infecta Prodenia infecta
Spodoptera insignata (Walker, 1856) Synonym Prodenia insignata Prodenia insignata
Spodoptera plagiata (Walker, 1856) Synonym Prodenia plagiata Prodenia plagiata
Spodoptera signifera (Walker, 1856) Synonym Prodenia signifera Prodenia signifera
Spodoptera subterminalis (Walker, 1856) Synonym Prodenia subterminalis Prodenia subterminalis
Vietteania intestata (Walker, 1856) Accepted Nonagria intestata Nonagria intestata
Vietteania plana (Walker, 1856) Synonym Leucania plana Leucania plana