Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the collection of the British Museum. III. Arctiadae (Arctianae) and Agaristidae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London.
Pagination:i–xix, 1–690
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acantharctia metaleuca Hampson, 1901 Accepted Acantharctia metaleuca Acantharctia metaleuca, n. sp.
Aegocera brevivitta Hampson, 1901 Accepted Aegocera brevivitta Aegocera brevivitta, n. sp.
Amerila brunnea brunnea (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Rhodogastria brunnea brunnea Rhodogastria brunnea, n. sp.
Amerila brunnea (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Rhodogastria brunnea Rhodogastria brunnea, n. sp.
Amerila leucoptera (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Rhodogastria leucoptera Rhodogastria leucoptera, n. sp.
Amerila luteibarba (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Rhodogastria luteibarba Rhodogastria luteibarba, n. sp.
Amsacta grammiphlebia Hampson, 1901 Accepted Amsacta grammiphlebia Amsacta grammiphlebia, n. sp.
Carcinarctia metamelaena Hampson, 1901 Accepted Carcinarctia metamelaena Carcinarctia metamelaena, n. sp.
Eyralpenus diplosticha (Hampson, 1901) Misapplied Diacrisia diplosticha Diacrisia diplosticha
Eyralpenus quadrilunata (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Diacrisia quadrilunata Diacrisia quadrilunata, n. sp.
Heraclia cirbyi (Hampson, 1901) Synonym Xanthospilopteryx cirbyi Xanthospilopteryx cirbyi
Heraclia monslunensis (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Xanthospilopteryx monslunensis Xanthospilopteryx mons-lunensis, n. sp.
Heraclia nigridorsa (Hampson, 1901) Synonym Xanthospilopteryx nigridorsa Xanthospilopteryx nigridorsa
Heraclia zenceri (Hampson, 1901) Synonym Xanthospilopteryx zenceri Xanthospilopteryx zenceri
Hypotuerta transiens (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Tuerta transiens Tuerta transiens, n. sp.
Lophonotidia nocturna Hampson, 1901 Accepted Lophonotidia nocturna Lophonotidia nocturna n. sp.
Madagascarctia madagascariensis sparsipuncta (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Diacrisia madagascariensis sparsipuncta Diacrisia sparsipuncta, n. sp.
Mitrophrys abyssinica (Hampson, 1901) Synonym Aegocera abyssinica Aegocera abyssinica, n. sp.
Mitrophrys obliquisigna (Hampson, 1901) Synonym Aegocera obliquisigna Aegocera obliquisigna, n. sp.
Proschaliphora citricostata Hampson, 1901 Accepted Proschaliphora citricostata Proschaliphora citricostata, n. sp.
Rothia vatersi Hampson, 1901 Synonym Rothia vatersi Rothia vatersi
Rothia vestvoodi Hampson, 1901 Synonym Rothia vestvoodi Rothia vetvoodi
Schausilla obrysos (Hampson, 1901) Misapplied Aegocera obrysos Aegocera obrysos
Spilosoma latiradiata (Hampson, 1901) Accepted Diacrisia latiradiata Diacrisia latiradiata, n. sp.
Teracotona subterminata Hampson, 1901 Accepted Teracotona subterminata Teracotona subterminata, n. sp.