The Lepidoptera of Seychelles and Aldabra, exclusive of the Orneodidae and Pterophoridae and of the Tortricina and Tineina.

Author:Fryer J. C. F.
Journal:Transactions of the Linnean Society of London
Volume:(2)15 (Zool.)
Pagination:1–28, pl. 1
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Amerila aldabrensis (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Rhodogastria aldabrensis Rhodogastria aldabrensis, n. sp.
Araeopteron minimale Fryer, 1912 Accepted Araeopteron minimale Araeopteron minimale, n. sp.
Banisia aldabrana aldabrana (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Rhodoneura aldabrana aldabrana Rhodoneura aldabrana, n. sp.
Banisia aldabrana (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Rhodoneura aldabrana Rhodoneura aldabrana, n. sp.
Banisia apicale (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Rhodoneura apicale Rhodoneura apicale, n. sp.
Banisia tibiale (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Rhodoneura tibiale Rhodoneura tibiale, n. sp.
Bryophilopsis roederi sensu Fryer, 1912 Misapplied Bryophilopsis roederi Bryophilopsis roederi (Standf.)
Diptychophora muscella Fryer, 1912 Accepted Diptychophora muscella Diptychophora muscella, n. sp.
Eilema contorta Fryer, 1912 Accepted Eilema contorta Ilema contorta, n. sp.
Endotricha flavofascialis Fryer, 1912 Misapplied Endotricha flavofascialis Endotricha flavofascialis, n. sp.
Euproctis pectinata (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Porthesia pectinata Porthesia pectinata, n. sp.
Exilisia subfusca (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Philenora subfusca Philenora subfusca, n. sp.
Hydrillodes perplexalis Fryer, 1912 Accepted Hydrillodes perplexalis Hydrillodes perplexalis, n. sp.
Hypenodes nigerrimalis (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Chusaris nigerrimalis Chusaris nigerrimalis, n. sp.
Hyposada rupestre (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Oruza rupestre Oruza rupestre, n. sp.
Mahensia seychellarum Fryer, 1912 Accepted Mahensia seychellarum Mahensia seychellarum, n. sp.
Microcrambon auronivellus (Fryer, 1912) Synonym Crambus auronivellus Crambus auronivellus, n. sp.
Oaracta maculata percitraria (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Scardamia maculata percitraria Scardamia (?) percitraria, n. sp.
Ozola inexcisata Fryer, 1912 Accepted Ozola inexcisata Ozola inexcisata, n. sp.
Parafodina aldabrana (Fryer, 1912) Accepted Fodina aldabrana Fodina aldabrana, n. sp.
Phycita pectinicornella Fryer, 1912 Accepted Phycita pectinicornella Phycita (subgenus?) pectinicornella, n. sp.
Rivula dimorpha Fryer, 1912 Accepted Rivula dimorpha Rivula dimorpha, n. sp.
Rivula dimorpha dimorpha Fryer, 1912 Accepted Rivula dimorpha dimorpha Rivula dimorpha, n. sp.
Simplicia inareolalis Fryer, 1912 Synonym Simplicia inareolalis Simplicia inareolalis, n. sp.