Characters of undescribed Lepidoptera in the collection of W. W. Saunders, Esq.

Author:Walker F.
Journal:Transactions of the entomological Society of London
Volume:(3) 1
Pagination:70–128, 263–279
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Abseudrapa metaphaearia (Walker, 1869) Accepted Tachosa metaphaearia Tachosa metaphaearia
Bleptina frontalis Walker, 1862 Accepted Bleptina frontalis Bleptina ? frontalis
Cyana atrigutta (Walker, 1862) Synonym Euproctis atrigutta Euproctis atrigutta
Earias cupreoviridis (Walker, 1862) Accepted Xanthoptera cupreoviridis Xanthoptera ? cupreoviridis
Emmelia antica antica (Walker, 1862) Accepted Acontia antica antica Acontia antica
Emmelia antica (Walker, 1862) Accepted Acontia antica Acontia antica
Euproctis rufopunctata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Lymantria rufopunctata Lymantria rufopunctata
Gonometa marginata (Walker, 1862) Synonym Caphara marginata Caphara marginata
Herpetogramma additalis (Walker, 1862) Synonym Botys additalis Botys additalis
Hydrillodes intractalis (Walker, 1862) Synonym Bleptina intractalis Bleptina intractalis
Marmaroplegma lineosa (Walker, 1862) Synonym Darala lineosa Darala lineosa
Oruza divisa (Walker, 1862) Accepted Selenis divisa Selenis divisa
Phiala punctilinea (Walker, 1862) Synonym Euproctis punctilinea Euproctis punctilinea
Pselaphelia flavivitta (Walker, 1862) Accepted Antheraea flavivitta Antheroea [sic] flavivitta
Pseudandriasa erubescens (Walker, 1862) Synonym Andriasa erubescens Andriasa erubescens
Pyralis proximalis Walker, 1862 Synonym Pyralis proximalis Pyralis proximalis
Radara capensis (Walker, 1862) Synonym Sophronia capensis Sophronia ? Capensis
Radara vacillans Walker, 1862 Accepted Radara vacillans Radara vacillans
Rhanidophora cinctigutta (Walker, 1862) Accepted Enydra cinctigutta Enydra cinctigutta
Sarmatia aemusalis (Walker, 1862) Synonym Hypena aemusalis Hypena Aemusalis
Sena prompta plusioides Walker, 1862 Accepted Sena prompta plusioides Sena plusioides
Sozusa despecta (Walker, 1862) Accepted Lithosia despecta Lithosia despecta
Spodoptera obliterans (Walker, 1862) Synonym Laphygma obliterans Laphygma obliterans
Stemmatophora depressalis (Walker, 1862) Accepted Asopia depressalis Asopia depressalis
Tycomarptes inculta (Walker, 1862) Synonym Hadena inculta Hadena inculta