Some new or noteworthy Madagascar and African Heterocera.

Author:Rothschild W.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(9) 14
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Adisura anerythra Rothschild, 1924 Misapplied Adisura anerythra Adisura malagassica f. anerythra
Adisura malagassica Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Adisura malagassica Adisura malagassica, sp. n.
Callopistria rufulus (Rothschild, 1924) Accepted Eriopus rufulus Eriopus rufulus, sp. n.
Callopistria violascens (Rothschild, 1924) Accepted Eriopus violascens Eriopus violascens, sp. n.
Cetola phaleroides Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Cetola phaleroides Cetola phaleroides, sp. n.
Cirrodes erlangeri (Rothschild, 1924) Synonym Carcharoda erlangeri Carcharoda erlangeri, sp. n.
Cirrodes rosaceus Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Cirrodes rosaceus Cirrodes rosaceus, sp. n.
Cyana puella postflavida Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Cyana puella postflavida Cyana (Chionema [sic], auct. plur.) puella postflavida, subsp. n.
Eilema bitincta Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Eilema bitincta Ilema bitincta, sp. n.
Eilema conspicua Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Eilema conspicua Ilema kingdoni conspicua, subsp. n.
Eilema conspicua conspicua Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Eilema conspicua conspicua Ilema kingdoni conspicua, subsp. n.
Eilema contempta Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Eilema contempta Ilema contempta, sp. n.
Eilema sordidescens Rothschild, 1924 Misapplied Eilema sordidescens Ilema bitincta, sp. n. gen. aestivalis, sordidescens
Eligma neumanni Rothschild, 1925 Accepted Eligma neumanni Eligma neumanni, sp. n.
Eublemma insignifica Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Eublemma insignifica Eublemma insignifica, sp. n.
Eublemma subrufula Rothschild, 1924 Accepted Eublemma subrufula Eublemma subrufula, sp. n.
Isorropus rectiscissa Rothschild, 1924 Synonym Isorropus rectiscissa Ilema rectiscissa, sp. n.
Leucovis latifascia Rothschild, 1924 Synonym Leucovis latifascia Leucovis latifascia, sp. n.
Madacontia splendida (Rothschild, 1924) Accepted Carcharoda splendida Caracharoda splendida, sp. n.
Madathisanotia madagascariensis (Rothschild, 1924) Accepted Eudryas madagascariensis Eudryas madagascariensis, sp. n.
Megalonycta mediovitta (Rothschild, 1924) Accepted Acronicta mediovitta Acronycta [sic] mediovitta, sp. n.
Metachrostis tephroclytioides (Rothschild, 1924) Synonym Eublemma tephroclytioides Eublemma tephraclytioides, sp. n.
Ozarba postrufa (Rothschild, 1924) Misapplied Eublemma postrufa Eublemma postrufa, sp. n.
Paracroria rufocastanea (Rothschild, 1924) Accepted Eublemma rufocastanea Eublemma rufocastanea, sp. n.
Paratuerta abrupta Rothschild, 1924 Synonym Paratuerta abrupta Paratuerta abrupta, sp. n.