Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the collection of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.). X. Noctuidae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London.
Pagination:i–xix, 1–829
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acanthofrontia lithosiana Hampson, 1910 Accepted Acanthofrontia lithosiana Acanthofrontia lithosiana, n. sp.
Acontia carnescens (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Tarache carnescens Tarache carnescens, n. sp.
Acontia citripennis (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Tarache citripennis Tarache citripennis, n. sp.
Acontia cyanocraspis (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Tarache cyanocraspis Tarache cyanocraspis, n. sp.
Acontia dileuca (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Procriosis dileuca Procriosis dileuca, n. sp.
Acontia fulvirufa (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Lophorache fulvirufa Lophorache fulvirufa, n. sp.
Acontia holoxantha (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Hoplotarache holoxantha Hoplotarache holoxantha, n. sp.
Acontia psaliphora (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Tarache psaliphora Tarache psaliphora, n. sp.
Acontia ruficincta (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Tarache ruficincta Tarache ruficincta, n. sp.
Acontia tetragonisa (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Tarache tetragonisa Tarache tetragonisa, n. sp.
Acontia trichaenoides (Hampson, 1910) Misapplied Cardiosace trichaenoides Cardiosace triphaenoides
Acontia vahlbergi (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Tarache vahlbergi Tarache vahlbergi
Acontia vallengreni (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Tarache vallengreni Tarache vallengreni
Acontiola binorbis (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ozarba binorbis Ozarba binorbis, n. sp.
Acontiola bisexualis (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Ozarba bisexualis Ozarba bisexualis, n. sp.
Acontiola cyanopasta (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ozarba cyanopasta Ozarba cyanopasta, n. sp.
Acontiola metachrysea (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ozarba metachrysea Ozarba metachrysea, n. sp.
Acontiola rosescens (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ozarba rosescens Ozarba rosescens, n. sp.
Aconzarba citripennis (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Eustrotia citripennis Eustrotia citripennis, n. sp.
Aconzarba trigonodes (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Eustrotia trigonodes Eustrotia trigonodes, n. sp.
Bryophila tapina (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Eulocastra tapina Eulocastra tapina
Cautatha drepanodes (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Corgatha drepanodes Corgatha drepanodes, n. sp.
Cautatha macariodes (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Corgatha macariodes Corgatha macariodes, n. sp.
Cautatha ozolica (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Corgatha ozolica Corgatha ozolica, n. sp.
Cautatha phoenicea Hampson, 1910 Accepted Cautatha phoenicea Cautatha phoenicea, n. sp.