Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the collection of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.). XII. Noctuidae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.), London.
Pagination:i–xiii, 1–626
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Achaea clugi (Hampson, 1913) Synonym Heliophisma clugi Heliophisma clugi, Boisd., 1833
Achaea cuprizonea (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Ophisma cuprizonea Ophisma cuprizonea, n. sp.
Achaea dasybasis Hampson, 1913 Accepted Achaea dasybasis Achaea dasybasis, n. sp.
Achaea dejeani Hampson, 1913 Synonym Achaea dejeani Achaea dejeani, Boisduval 102
Achaea diplographa Hampson, 1913 Accepted Achaea diplographa Achaea diplographa, n. sp.
Achaea euryplaga (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Heliophisma euryplaga Heliophisma euryplaga, n. sp.
Achaea mabilli Hampson, 1913 Synonym Achaea mabilli Achaea mabilli, Saalm. 1897
Achaea obvia Hampson, 1913 Accepted Achaea obvia Achaea obvia, n. sp.
Achaea occidens (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Lagoptera occidens Lagoptera occidens, n. sp.
Achaea phaeobasis Hampson, 1913 Accepted Achaea phaeobasis Achaea phaeobasis, n. sp.
Achaea poliopasta Hampson, 1913 Accepted Achaea poliopasta Achaea poliopasta, n. sp.
Achaea retrorsa Hampson, 1913 Accepted Achaea retrorsa Achaea retrorsa, n. sp.
Achaea stumpffi Hampson, 1913 Synonym Achaea stumpffi Achaea stumpffi, Saalm. 1880
Achaea teterrima (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Ophisma teterrima Ophisma teterrima, n. sp.
Achaea thermopera Hampson, 1913 Accepted Achaea thermopera Achaea thermopera, n. sp.
Achaea zanzibarica (Hampson, 1913) Synonym Heliophisma zanzibarica Heliophisma zanzibarica, n. sp.
Audea endophaea Hampson, 1913 Synonym Audea endophaea Audea endophaea, n. sp.
Audea hypostigmata Hampson, 1913 Synonym Audea hypostigmata Audea hypostigmata, n. sp.
Callophisma flavicornis Hampson, 1913 Accepted Callophisma flavicornis Callophisma flavicornis, n. sp.
Crypsotidia conifera Hampson, 1913 Synonym Crypsotidia conifera Crypsotidia conifera, n. sp.
Crypsotidia mesosema Hampson, 1913 Accepted Crypsotidia mesosema Crypsotidia mesosema, n. sp.
Crypsotidia voolastoni Hampson, 1913 Synonym Crypsotidia voolastoni Crypsotidia voolastoni Roths.
Crypsotidia woolastoni Hampson, 1913 Misapplied Crypsotidia woolastoni Crypsotidia woolastoni Roths.
Ctenusa brevipecten Hampson, 1913 Synonym Ctenusa brevipecten Ctenusa brevipecten, n. sp.
Ctenusa curvilinea Hampson, 1913 Accepted Ctenusa curvilinea Ctenusa curvilinea, n. sp.