Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the collection of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.). XIII. Noctuidae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.), London
Pagination:i–xiv, 1–609
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Achaea esculeata (Hampson, 1913) Misapplied Ophisma esculeata Ophisma esculeata, Möschl.
Achaea rectivia (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Parallelia rectivia Parallelia rectivia, n. sp.
Achaea synethes (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Plecopterodes synethes Plecopterodes synethes, n. sp.
Attatha metaleuca Hampson, 1913 Accepted Attatha metaleuca Attatha metaleuca, sp. n.
Avatha ethiopica (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Hypaetra ethiopica Hypaetra ethiopica, n. sp.
Cerocala masaica Hampson, 1913 Accepted Cerocala masaica Cerocala masaica, n. sp.
Cerocala socotrensis Hampson, 1913 Synonym Cerocala socotrensis Cerocala socotrensis, Hmps., 1899
Clytie nabataea Hampson, 1913 Synonym Clytie nabataea Clytie nabataea
Clytie scotorrhiza Hampson, 1913 Accepted Clytie scotorrhiza Clytie scotorrhiza
Cortyta remigiana Hampson, 1913 Accepted Cortyta remigiana Cortyta remigiana, n. sp.
Epicausis smithi Hampson, 1913 Synonym Epicausis smithi Epicausis smithi, Mab.
Gnamptonyx obsoleta Hampson, 1913 Synonym Gnamptonyx obsoleta Gnamptonyx obsoleta, n. sp.
Nyodes acatharta (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Elaeodes acatharta Elaeodes acatharta, n. sp.
Parachalciope agonia Hampson, 1913 Accepted Parachalciope agonia Parachalciope agonia, n. sp.
Parachalciope longiplaga Hampson, 1913 Accepted Parachalciope longiplaga Parachalciope longiplaga, n. sp.
Parachalciope monoplaneta Hampson, 1913 Accepted Parachalciope monoplaneta Parachalciope monoplaneta, n. sp.
Parachalciope trigonometrica Hampson, 1913 Accepted Parachalciope trigonometrica Parachalciope trigonometrica, n. sp.
Pericyma metaleuca Hampson, 1913 Accepted Pericyma metaleuca Pericyma metaleuca, n. sp.
Pericyma polygramma Hampson, 1913 Synonym Pericyma polygramma Pericyma polygramma, n. sp.
Stenopis rufescens (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Anua rufescens Anua rufescens, n. sp.
Thysanoplusia distalagma (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Phytometra distalagma Phytometra distalagma, n. sp.
Thysanoplusia hemichalcea (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Phytometra hemichalcea Phytometra hemichalcea, n. sp.
Thysanoplusia violascens (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Phytometra violascens Phytometra violascens, n. sp.
Tolna macrosema Hampson, 1913 Accepted Tolna macrosema Tolna macrosema, n. sp.
Tytroca diapera (Hampson, 1913) Accepted Cortyta diapera Cortyta diapera, n. sp.