Descriptions of new genera and species of Noctuidae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(8) 13
Pagination:146–175; (74): 197–223
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acanthofrontia anacantha Hampson, 1914 Accepted Acanthofrontia anacantha Acanthofrontia anacantha, sp. n.
Acontia gypsina (Hampson, 1914) Synonym Perigea gypsina Perigea gypsina, sp. n.
Acontia sphaerophora (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Tarache sphaerophora Tarache sphaerophora, sp. n.
Acontia vaualbum (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Tarache vaualbum Tarache vau-album, sp. n.
Acrapex cuprescens (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Busseola cuprescens Busseola cuprescens, sp. n.
Acrapex hemiphlebia (Hampson, 1914) Synonym Busseola hemiphlebia Busseola hemiphlebia, sp. n.
Acrapex holoscota (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Busseola holoscota Busseola holoscota, sp. n.
Acrapex rufidorsata (Hampson, 1914) Synonym Busseola rufidorsata Busseola rufidorsata, sp. n.
Araeopteron ecphaea (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Araeoptera ecphaea Araeoptera ecphaea, sp. n.
Argyrolopha costibarbata Hampson, 1914 Accepted Argyrolopha costibarbata Argyrolopha costibarbata, sp. n.
Argyrolopha subbasalis (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Panilla subbasalis Panilla subbasalis, sp. n.
Athetis atrispherica Hampson, 1914 Accepted Athetis atrispherica Athetis atrispherica, sp. n.
Athetis melanosema Hampson, 1914 Accepted Athetis melanosema A.[thetis] melanosema
Busseola mesophaea Hampson, 1914 Accepted Busseola mesophaea Busseola mesophaea, sp. n.
Callostrotia flavizonata Hampson, 1914 Accepted Callostrotia flavizonata Callostrotia flavizonata, sp. n.
Callyna contrastans Hampson, 1914 Accepted Callyna contrastans Callyna contrastans, sp. n.
Caradrina melanosema (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Amphidrina melanosema Amphidrina melanosema, sp. n.
Characoma stictigrapta Hampson, 1914 Accepted Characoma stictigrapta Characoma stictigrapta, sp. n.
Corgatha digonia (Hampson, 1914) Synonym Cerynea digonia Cerynea digonia, sp. n.
Corgatha poliostrota Hampson, 1914 Accepted Corgatha poliostrota Corgatha poliostrota, sp. n.
Cosmia monotona (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Calymnia monotona Calymnia monotona, sp. n.
Cucullia nubipicta Hampson, 1914 Accepted Cucullia nubipicta Cucullia nubipicta, sp. n.
Deltote atrivitta (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Eustrotia atrivitta Eustrotia atrivitta, sp. n.
Deltote griseifusa (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Lithacodia griseifusa Lithacodia griseifusa, sp. n.
Deltote mesomela (Hampson, 1914) Accepted Lithacodia mesomela Lithacodia mesomela, sp. n.