The Moths of South Africa. Volume III. Cymatophoridae, Callidulidae and Noctuidae (Partim).

Author:Janse A. J. T.
Publisher:E. P. and Commercial Printing Company, Durban.
Pagination:i–xv, 1–435, pls 1–46
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acrapex breviptera Janse, 1939 Accepted Acrapex breviptera Acrapex breviptera, spec. nov.
Acrapex festiva Janse, 1939 Accepted Acrapex festiva Acrapex festiva, spec. nov.
Acrapex fuscifasciata Janse, 1939 Accepted Acrapex fuscifasciata Acrapex fuscifasciata, spec. nov.
Acrapex minima Janse, 1939 Accepted Acrapex minima Acrapex minima, spec. nov.
Acrapex mystica Janse, 1939 Accepted Acrapex mystica Acrapex mystica, spec. nov.
Acrapex simplex Janse, 1939 Synonym Acrapex simplex Acrapex simplex, spec. nov.
Anathetis melanofascia Janse, 1938 Accepted Anathetis melanofascia Anathetis melanofascia
Anedhella interrupta (Janse, 1938) Accepted Hadenella interrupta Hadenella interrupta, spec. nov.
Anedhella stigmata (Janse, 1938) Accepted Hadenella stigmata Hadenella stigmata, spec. nov.
Athetis alternata (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus alternata Proxenus alternata, spec. nov.
Athetis aurobrunnea (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus aurobrunnea Proxenus aurobrunnea, spec. nov.
Athetis distincta (Janse, 1938) Misapplied Proxenus distincta Proxenus singula Möschl. Var. 2, distincta
Athetis duplex (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus duplex Proxenus duplex, soec. nov.
Athetis excurvata (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus excurvata Proxenus excurvata, spec. nov.
Athetis fumicolor (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus fumicolor Proxenus fumicolor, spec. nov.
Athetis fuscata (Janse, 1938) Misapplied Proxenus fuscata Proxenus robertsi Var. fuscata, var. nov.
Athetis fuscata (Janse, 1938) Misapplied Proxenus fuscata Proxenus singula Möschl. Var. 1, fuscata
Athetis melanica (Janse, 1938) Misapplied Proxenus melanica Proxenus singula Möschl. Var. 3, melanica
Athetis metis (Janse, 1938) Accepted Pristoceraea metis Proxenus metis, spec. nov.
Athetis nigra (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus nigra Proxenus nigra, spec. nov.
Athetis obscura (Janse, 1938) Misapplied Proxenus obscura Proxenus obscura, spec. nov.
Athetis ocellata (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus ocellata Proxenus ocellata, spec. nov.
Athetis pallescens (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus pallescens Proxenus pallescens, spec. nov.
Athetis pallida (Janse, 1938) Misapplied Proxenus pallida Proxenus singula Möschl. Var. 4, pallida
Athetis perplexa (Janse, 1938) Accepted Proxenus perplexa Proxenus perplexa, spec. nov.