On two collections of Lepidoptera sent by H. H. Johnston, Esq., C. B., from British Central Africa.

Author:Butler A. G.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:643–684, pl. 60
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Anomoeotes nigrivenosus Butler, 1894 Accepted Anomoeotes nigrivenosus Anomaeotes [sic] nigrivenosus, sp. n.
Calliodes rivuligera Butler, 1894 Synonym Calliodes rivuligera Calliodes rivuligera, sp. n.
Chiasmia johnstoni (Butler, 1894) Accepted Tephrina johnstoni Tephrina johnstoni, sp. n.
Chiasmia zombina (Butler, 1894) Synonym Godonela zombina Gonodela [sic] zombina, sp. n.
Crorema fulvinotata (Butler, 1894) Accepted Olapa fulvinotata Olapa fulvinotata, sp. n.
Epiorna procrioides (Butler, 1894) Synonym Neurosymploca procrioides Neurosymploca procrioides, sp. n.
Lacipa bizonoides Butler, 1894 Accepted Lacipa bizonoides Lacipa bizonoides, sp. n.
Lamprochrysa scintillans (Butler, 1894) Accepted Diospage scintillans Diospage scintillans, sp. n.
Spirama glaucescens (Butler, 1894) Accepted Calliodes glaucescens Calliodes glaucescens, sp. n.
Staphylinochrous whytei Butler, 1894 Accepted Staphylinochrous whytei Staphylinochrous whytei, sp. n.