Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the collection of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.) VII. Subfam. Acronyctinae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London.
Pagination:i–xv, 1–709
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Arboricornus chrysopepla Hampson, 1908 Accepted Arboricornus chrysopepla Aboricornis [sic] chrysopepla, n. sp.
Callopistria natalensis (Hampson, 1908) Accepted Eriopus natalensis Eriopus natalensis, n. sp.
Callopistria nephrosticta (Hampson, 1908) Accepted Eriopus nephrosticta Eriopus nephrosticta, n. sp.
Callopistria occidens (Hampson, 1908) Accepted Eriopus occidens Eriopus occidens, n. sp.
Cryphia leucomelaena (Hampson, 1908) Accepted Bryophila leucomelaena Bryophila leucomelaena, n. sp.
Euplexia azyga Hampson, 1908 Accepted Euplexia azyga Euplexia azyga, n. sp.
Euplexia catephiodes Hampson, 1908 Accepted Euplexia catephiodes Euplexia catephiodes, n. sp.
Euplexia chalybsa Hampson, 1908 Accepted Euplexia chalybsa Euplexia chalybsa, n. sp.
Euplexia melanocycla Hampson, 1908 Accepted Euplexia melanocycla Euplexia melanocycla, n. sp.
Euplexia rhoda Hampson, 1908 Accepted Euplexia rhoda Euplexia rhoda, n. sp.
Feliniopsis nigribarbata (Hampson, 1908) Accepted Trachea nigribarbata Trachea nigribarbata, n. sp.
Hypoplexia conjuncta Hampson, 1908 Accepted Hypoplexia conjuncta Hypoplexia conjuncta, n. sp.
Iambia thuaitesi Hampson, 1908 Synonym Iambia thuaitesi Iambia thuaitesi
Leucotachea melanodonta (Hampson, 1908) Accepted Leucotachea melanodonta Trachea melanodonta n. n.
Microplexia ferrea Hampson, 1908 Accepted Microplexia ferrea Microplexia ferrea, n. sp.
Neostichtis nigricostata (Hampson, 1908) Accepted Parastichtis nigricostata Parastichtis nigricostata, n. sp.
Neuranethes spodopterodes (Hampson, 1908) Accepted Sidemia spodopterodes Sidemia spodopterodes, n. sp.
Oediplexia mesophaea Hampson, 1908 Accepted Oediplexia mesophaea Oediplexia mesophaea, n. sp.
Oligia ambigua [partim] Hampson, 1908 Misapplied Oligia ambigua [partim] Oligia ambigua. ab. 4
Oligia hypothermes Hampson, 1908 Accepted Oligia hypothermes Oligia hypothermes, n. sp.
Oligia melanodonta Hampson, 1908 Accepted Oligia melanodonta Oligia melanodonta, n. sp.
Pariambia aprepes Hampson, 1908 Synonym Pariambia aprepes Pariambia aprepes, n. sp.
Perigea ethiopica Hampson, 1908 Accepted Perigea ethiopica Perigea ethiopica, n. sp.