On a collection of Lepidoptera from Madagascar with descriptions of new genera and species.

Author:Butler A. G.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(5) 5
Pagination:333–344; (29): 384–395
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acantholipes affinis (Butler, 1880) Synonym Docela affinis Docela affinis, n. sp.
Crothaema sericea Butler, 1880 Accepted Crothaema sericea Crothaema sericea, sp. n.
Derambila puella (Butler, 1880) Accepted Zanclopteryx puella Zanclopteryx puella, sp. n.
Ectropis sublutea (Butler, 1880) Accepted Emmelesia sublutea Emmelesia sublutea, sp. n.
Encrasima insularis (Butler, 1880) Accepted Gelechia insularis Gelechia insularis, sp. n.
Epicausis lanigera Butler, 1880 Synonym Epicausis lanigera Epicausis lanigera, sp. n.
Epigynopteryx modesta (Butler, 1880) Accepted Marcala modesta Marcala (?) modesta, sp. n.
Fodina insignis (Butler, 1880) Accepted Agamana insignis Agamana insignis, sp. n.
Galtara extensa (Butler, 1880) Accepted Sommeria extensa Sommeria extensa, sp. n.
Isorropus tricolor Butler, 1880 Accepted Isorropus tricolor Isorropus tricolor, sp. n.
Lechriolepis anomala Butler, 1880 Accepted Lechriolepis anomala Lechriolepis anomala, sp. n.
Maltagorea subocellata (Butler, 1880) Synonym Copaxa subocellata Copaxa subocellata, sp. n.
Marojala signata (Butler, 1880) Accepted Actenia signata Actenia ? signata, sp. n.
Maxates cowani (Butler, 1880) Accepted Thalera cowani Thalera Cowani, sp. n.
Metallochlora glacialis (Butler, 1880) Accepted Thalassodes glacialis Thalassodes glacialis, sp. n.
Mnarolitia argillacea (Butler, 1880) Misapplied Cryptolechia argillacea Cryptolechia argillacea, sp. n.
Mydrodoxa splendens Butler, 1880 Accepted Mydrodoxa splendens Mydrodoxa splendens, sp. n.
Psilocerea rachicera (Butler, 1880) Accepted Panagra rachicera Panagra rachicera, sp. n.
Rhodophthitus formosus Butler, 1880 Accepted Rhodophthitus formosus Rhodophthitus formosus, sp. n.
Rothia metagrius (Butler, 1880) Accepted Eusemia metagrius Eusemia metagrius, sp. n.
Rothia tranquilla (Butler, 1880) Synonym Eusemia tranquilla Eusemia tranquilla, sp. n.
Tolna complicata (Butler, 1880) Accepted Sypna complicata Sypna complicata, sp. n.
Xanthodura trucidata Butler, 1880 Accepted Xanthodura trucidata Xanthodura trucidata, sp. n.