New Microlepidoptera, with notes on others.

Author:Meyrick E.
Journal:Transactions of the entomological Society of London
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Bactropaltis lithosema Meyrick, 1939 Accepted Bactropaltis lithosema Bactropaltis lithosema sp. n.
Chabulina amphipeda (Meyrick, 1939) Accepted Margaronia amphipeda Margaronia amphipeda sp. n.
Criocharacta amphiactis Meyrick, 1939 Accepted Criocharacta amphiactis Criocharacta amphiactis sp. n.
Eccopsis trixiphias (Meyrick, 1939) Synonym Argyroploce trixiphias Argyroploce trixiphias sp. n.
Erechthias amphibaphes (Meyrick, 1939) Accepted Decadarchis amphibaphes Decadarchis amphibaphes sp. n.
Eucosmocydia mixographa (Meyrick, 1939) Accepted Laspeyresia mixographa Laspeyresia mixographa sp. n.
Eudalaca vindex (Meyrick, 1939) Accepted Gorgopis vindex Gorgopis vindex sp. n.
Hypsipyla ereboneura Meyrick, 1939 Accepted Hypsipyla ereboneura Hypsipyla ereboneura sp. n.
Lithopleurota monachopis Meyrick, 1939 Accepted Lithopleurota monachopis Lithopleurota monachopis sp. n.
Megaherpystis orphnogenes (Meyrick, 1939) Accepted Eucosma orphnogenes Eucosma orphnogenes sp. n.
Olethreutes vinculigera (Meyrick, 1939) Accepted Argyroploce vinculigera Argyroploce vinculigera sp. n.
Syllepte erebarcha Meyrick, 1939 Accepted Syllepte erebarcha Sylepta [sic] erebarcha sp. n.
Syllepte neurogramma Meyrick, 1939 Accepted Syllepte neurogramma Sylepta [sic] neurogramma sp. n.
Thylacogaster monospora (Meyrick, 1939) Accepted Argyroploce monospora Argyroploce monospora sp. n.
Timyra aeolocoma Meyrick, 1939 Accepted Timyra aeolocoma Timyra aeolocoma sp. n.