On a second collection of Lepidoptera made in Formosa by H. E. Hobson, Esq.

Author:Butler A. G.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:666–691, pl. 44
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Chilo simplex (Butler, 1881) Synonym Jartheza simplex Jartheza simplex, sp. n.
Diplopseustis minima (Butler, 1881) Synonym Cymoriza minima Cymoriza minima, sp. n.
Epicrocis punctigera (Butler, 1880) Synonym Trachonitis punctigera Trachonitis punctigera, sp. n.
Epischnia hyemalis (Butler, 1880) Synonym Nephopterix hyemalis Nephopteryx [sic] hyemalis, sp. n.
Hypsopygia tenuis (Butler, 1880) Synonym Pyralis tenuis Pyralis tenuis, sp. n.
Isocentris dives (Butler, 1881) Synonym Samea dives Samea dives, sp. n.
Leucania insularis Butler, 1880 Accepted Leucania insularis Leucania insularis, sp. n.
Nodaria indistincta (Butler, 1881) Synonym Hydrillodes indistincta Hydrillodes indistincta, sp. n.
Nola spreta Butler, 1881 Synonym Nola spreta Nola spreta, sp. n.
Sesamia gracilis (Butler, 1881) Synonym Nonagria gracilis Nonagria gracilis, sp. n.
Sesamia tranquilaris (Butler, 1881) Synonym Leucania tranquilaris Leucania tranquillaris, sp. n.