Illustrations of typical specimens of Lepidoptera Heterocera in the collection of the British Museum. Part IX.—The Macrolepidoptera Heterocera of Ceylon.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 1–182, pls 157–176
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Chasmina sericea (Hampson, 1893) Synonym Clinophlebia sericea Clinophlebia sericea
Cryphia postochrea (Hampson, 1893) Synonym Bryophila postochrea Bryophila postochrea
Cyclophora anulifera (Hampson, 1893) Accepted Trirachopoda anulifera Trirachopoda anulifera
Darna sericea (Hampson, 1893) Synonym Susica sericea Natada sericea
Eublemma scitula cretacea (Hampson, 1893) Synonym Eulocastra scitula cretacea Eulocastra cretacea
Hiccoda pallida (Hampson, 1893) Synonym Naranga pallida Naranga pallida
Mythimna inframicans (Hampson, 1893) Accepted Leucania inframicans Leucania inframicans.
Nola ceylonica Hampson, 1893 Synonym Nola ceylonica Nola ceylonica
Oglasa lunifera (Hampson, 1893) Synonym Ingura lunifera Ingura lunifera
Paracataclysta fuscalis (Hampson, 1893) Accepted Cataclysta fuscalis Catoclysta [sic] fuscalis
Pseudozarba mianoides (Hampson, 1893) Accepted Ozarba mianoides Ozarba mianoides
Pyralis minimalis Hampson, 1893 Synonym Pyralis minimalis Pyralis minimalis