New and undescribed genera and species of West African Noctuidae.

Author:Holland W. J.
Pagination:7–10, 27–34, 36, 47–50, 67–70, 83–90, 109–128, 141–144, pls 1–5
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Achaea debilis (Holland, 1894) Synonym Naxia debilis N.[axia] debilis, sp. nov.
Achaea faber Holland, 1894 Accepted Achaea faber A.[chaea] faber, sp. nov.
Achaea xanthodera (Holland, 1894) Accepted Naxia xanthodera N.[axia] xanthodera, sp. nov.
Acontia briola Holland, 1894 Accepted Acontia briola A.[contia] briola, sp. nov.
Acontia glaphyra Holland, 1894 Accepted Acontia glaphyra A.[contia] (?) glaphyra, sp. nov.
Anoba angulilinea (Holland, 1894) Accepted Hypospila angulilinea H.[ypospila] angulilinea, sp. nov.
Anoba jaculifera (Holland, 1894) Accepted Hypospila jaculifera H.[ypospila] jaculifera, sp. nov.
Anoba nigribasis (Holland, 1894) Accepted Hypospila nigribasis H.[ypospila] (?) nigribasis, sp. nov.
Anomis africana (Holland, 1894) Synonym Deinopalpus africana D.[einopalpus] Africana, sp. nov.
Anomis benitensis (Holland, 1894) Accepted Gonitis benitensis G.[onitis] benitensis, sp. nov.
Anomis marginata (Holland, 1894) Synonym Gonitis marginata G.[onitis] marginata, sp. nov.
Anomis punctulata (Holland, 1894) Accepted Gonitis punctulata G.[onitis] punctulata, sp. nov.
Attonda nana (Holland, 1894) Accepted Capnodes nana C.[apnodes] nana, sp. nov.
Baniana octomaculata (Holland, 1894) Accepted Panilla octomaculata P.[anilla] octomaculata, sp. nov.
Baniana quadrimaculata (Holland, 1894) Accepted Panilla quadrimaculata P.[anilla] quadrimaculata, sp. nov.
Baniana sexmaculata (Holland, 1894) Accepted Panilla sexmaculata P.[anilla] sex-maculata, sp. nov.
Blasticorhinus aurantiaca (Holland, 1894) Accepted Thermesia aurantiaca T.[hermesia] aurantiaca, sp. nov.
Blasticorhinus discipuncta (Holland, 1894) Accepted Thermesia discipuncta T.[hermesia] discipuncta, sp. nov.
Blenina chloroptila (Holland, 1894) Synonym Eliocroea chloroptila E.[liocroea] chloroptila, sp. nov.
Callopistria complicata (Holland, 1894) Accepted Methorasa complicata M.[ethorasa] complicata, sp. nov.
Callopistria cornuscopiae (Holland, 1894) Accepted Methorasa cornuscopiae M.[ethorasa] cornus-copiae, sp. nov.
Capnodes acidalia Holland, 1894 Accepted Capnodes acidalia C.[apnodes] (?) acidalia, sp. nov.
Caryonopera gabunalis (Holland, 1894) Accepted Elyra gabunalis E.[lyra] Gabunalis, sp. nov.
Chalciope pusilla (Holland, 1894) Accepted Grammodes pusilla G.[rammodes] pusilla, sp. nov.
Corgatha discifascia (Holland, 1894) Synonym Mestleta discifascia M.[estleta] discifascia, sp. nov.