New species and sub-species of Arctiinae.

Author:Rothschild W.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(10) 11
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acantharctia lacteata Rothschild, 1933 Synonym Acantharctia lacteata Acantharctia lacteata, sp. n.
Afroarctia kenyana (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Teracotona kenyana Teracotona kenyana, sp. n.
Afrowatsonius confluens (Rothschild, 1933) Synonym Creatonotos confluens Creatonotus marginalis confluens, subsp. n.
Afrowatsonius sudanicus (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Creatonotos sudanicus Creatonotus sudanicus, sp. n.
Aloa senegalensis (Rothschild, 1933) Synonym Amsacta senegalensis Amsacta senegalensis
Alpenus antemediata (Rothschild, 1933) Synonym Acantharctia antemediata Acantharctia antemediata, sp. n.
Amsacta latimarginalis Rothschild, 1933 Accepted Amsacta latimarginalis Amsacta latimarginalis, sp. n.
Amsacta latimarginalis elongata Rothschild, 1933 Accepted Amsacta latimarginalis elongata Amsacta latimarginalis elongata, subsp. n.
Amsacta latimarginalis latimarginalis Rothschild, 1933 Accepted Amsacta latimarginalis latimarginalis Amsacta latimarginalis, sp. n.
Amsactarctia pulchra (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Amsacta pulchra Amsacta pulchra, sp. n.
Creatonotos perineti Rothschild, 1933 Accepted Creatonotos perineti Creatonotos perineti, sp. n.
Detoulgoetia comorensis (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Spilosoma comorensis Spilosoma comorensis, sp. n.
Detoulgoetia pseudosparsata (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Spilosoma pseudosparsata Spilosoma pseudosparsata, sp. n.
Estigmene testaceoflava Rothschild, 1933 Accepted Estigmene testaceoflava Estigmene testaceoflava, sp. n.
Eyralpenus postflavida (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Spilosoma postflavida Spilosoma postflavida, sp. n.
Ilemodes heterogyna astrigoides Rothschild, 1933 Accepted Ilemodes heterogyna astrigoides Ilemodes heterogyna astrigoides, subsp. n.
Madagascarctia feminina (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Spilosoma feminina Spilosoma feminina, sp. n.
Neuroxena auremaculatus (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Creatonotos auremaculatus Creatonotos auremaculatus, sp. n.
Neuroxena funereus (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Creatonotus funereus Creatonotus funereus, sp. n.
Neuroxena postrubidus (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Creatonotus postrubidus Creatonotus postrubidus, sp. n.
Neuroxena truncatus (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Creatonotus truncatus Creatonotus truncatus, sp. n.
Paramaenas affinis (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Pericallia affinis Pericallia affinis, sp. n.
Paramaenas nephelistis diaphana (Rothschild, 1933) Accepted Pericallia nephelistis diaphana Pericallia diaphana
Phryganopteryx perineti Rothschild, 1933 Accepted Phryganopteryx perineti Phryganoptera [sic] perineti, sp. n.
Secusio ansorgei Rothschild, 1933 Accepted Secusio ansorgei Secusio ansorgei, sp. n.