Descriptions of South African Micro-Lepidoptera. IV

Author:Meyrick E.
Journal:Annals of the Transvaal Museum
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Abacistis hexanoma Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Abacistis hexanoma Abacistis hexanoma, n. sp.
Acrolepiopsis canachopis (Meyrick, 1913) Accepted Acrolepia canachopis Acrolepia canachopis, n. sp.
Adaina periarga Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Adaina periarga Adaina periarga, n. sp.
Aeoloscelis tripoda Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Aeoloscelis tripoda Aeoloscelis tripoda, n. sp.
Alucita acalyptra (Meyrick, 1913) Accepted Orneodes acalyptra Orneodes acalyptra, n. sp.
Anarsia amalleuta Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Anarsia amalleuta Anarsia amalleuta, n. sp.
Anarsia ambitiosa Meyrick, 1913 Synonym Anarsia ambitiosa Anarsia ambitiosa, n. sp.
Anarsia antisaris (Meyrick, 1913) Accepted Chelaria antisaris Chelaria antisaris, n. sp.
Anarsia carbonaria Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Anarsia carbonaria Anarsia carbonaria, n. sp.
Anarsia mitescens Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Anarsia mitescens Anarsia mitescens, n. sp.
Anarsia nimbosa Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Anarsia nimbosa Anarsia nimbosa, n. sp.
Anthozela chrysoxantha Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Anthozela chrysoxantha Anthozela chrysoxantha, n. sp.
Argyresthia pentanoma Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Argyresthia pentanoma Argyresthia pentanoma, n. sp.
Argyresthia stilpnota Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Argyresthia stilpnota Argyresthia stilpnota, n. sp.
Aristotelia comis Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Aristotelia comis Aristotelia comis, n. sp.
Aristotelia trematias Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Aristotelia trematias Aristotelia trematias, n. sp.
Ascalenia nudicornis (Meyrick, 1913) Accepted Cholotis nudicornis Cholotis nudicornis, n. sp.
Ascalenia pulverata (Meyrick, 1913) Accepted Cholotis pulverata Cholotis pulverata, n. sp.
Athrips ferax (Meyrick, 1913) Accepted Gelechia ferax Gelechia ferax, n. sp.
Athrips phoenaula (Meyrick, 1913) Accepted Gelechia phoenaula Gelechia phoenaula, n. sp.
Batrachedra heliota Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Batrachedra heliota Batrachedra heliota, n. sp.
Blastobasis byrsodepta Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Blastobasis byrsodepta Blastobasis byrsodepta, n. sp.
Blastobasis industria Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Blastobasis industria Blastobasis industria, n. sp.
Brachmia apricata Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Brachmia apricata Brachmia apricata, n. sp.
Brachmia velitaris Meyrick, 1913 Accepted Brachmia velitaris Brachmia velitaris, n. sp.