Descriptions of new African moths.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(8) 6
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Alonina pyrethra (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Sciapteron pyrethra Sciapteron pyrethra, sp. n.
Alonina pyrocraspis (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Sciapteron pyrocraspis Sciapteron pyrocraspis, sp. n.
Altha rubrifusalis Hampson, 1910 Accepted Altha rubrifusalis Altha rubrifusalis, sp. n.
Coenobasis postflavida Hampson, 1910 Accepted Coenobasis postflavida Coenobasis postflavida, sp. n.
Echidgnathia vitrifasciata (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Tinthia vitrifasciata Tinthia vitrifasciata, sp. n.
Episannina albifrons (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Lepidopoda albifrons Lepidopoda albifrons, sp. n.
Erismatica endopyra (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Tinthia endopyra Tinthia endopyra, sp. n.
Eudalaca albirivula (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Dalaca albirivula Dalaca albirivula, sp. n.
Eudalaca albistriata (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Dalaca albistriata Dalaca albistriata, sp. n.
Eudalaca furva (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Dalaca furva Dalaca furva, sp. n.
Eudalaca fuscescens (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Dalaca fuscescens Dalaca fuscescens, sp. n.
Eudalaca goniophora (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Dalaca goniophora Dalaca goniophora, sp. n.
Eudalaca hololeuca (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Dalaca hololeuca Dalaca hololeuca, sp. n.
Eudalaca leucocyma (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Dalaca leucocyma Dalaca leucocyma, sp. n.
Eudalaca metaleuca (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Dalaca metaleuca Dalaca metaleuca, sp. n.
Eudalaca rhodesiensis (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Dalaca rhodesiensis Dalaca rhodesiensis, sp. n.
Eudalaca rufescens (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Dalaca rufescens Dalaca rufescens, sp. n.
Eudalaca tumidifascia (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Dalaca tumidifascia Dalaca tumidifascia, sp. n.
Fortikona xanthosoma (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Sciapteron xanthosoma Sciapteron xanthosoma, sp. n.
Gavara camptogramma Hampson, 1910 Accepted Gavara camptogramma Gavara camptogramma, sp. n.
Homogyna xanthophora (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Tinthia xanthophora Tinthia xanthophora, sp. n.
Latoia albicosta (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Somara albicosta Somara albicosta, sp. n.
Latoia albilinea (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Somara albilinea Somara albilinea, sp. n.
Macrotarsipodes pedunculata (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ichneumenoptera pedunculata Ichneumenoptera pedunculata, sp. n.
Macrotarsipodes sexualis (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Macrotarsipus sexualis Macrotarsipus sexualis, sp. n.