Notes on a collection of Heterocera made by Mr. W. Feather in British East Africa, 1911–12.

Author:Fawcett J. M.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:91–113, pls 1–2
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Arcyophora patricola (Fawcett, 1915) Misapplied Setoctena patricola Setoctena patricola Hampson
Bunaeopsis vau (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Nudaurelia vau Nudaurelia vau, sp. n.
Callosphingia circe (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Dovania circe Dovania circe, sp. n.
Campimoptilum heptapora (Fawcett, 1915) Synonym Goodia heptapora Goodia oriens heptapora, subsp. n.
Cophophlebia tullia (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Eupagia tullia Eupagia tullia, sp. n.
Cophophlebia viridescens (Fawcett, 1915) Misapplied Eupagia viridescens Eupagia tullia, sp. n. form viridescens, nov.
Dasychira obliquilinea Fawcett, 1915 Accepted Dasychira obliquilinea Dasychira obliquilinea, sp. n.
Dollmania flavia (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Pachymeta flavia Pachymeta flavia, sp. n.
Dysgonia portia (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Parallelia portia Parallelia portia, sp. n.
Dysgonia rectifascia (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Parallelia rectifascia Parallelia rectifascia, sp. n.
Eosia crenulata (Fawcett, 1915) Synonym Ludia crenulata Ludia crenulata, sp. n.
Eucraera decora (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Ceratopacha decora Ceratopacha decora, sp. n.
Euproctis plana (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Dulichia plana Dulichia fasciata plana, subsp. n.
Hemituerta argentifascia (Fawcett, 1915) Synonym Paratuerta argentifascia Paratuerta argentifascia, sp. n.
Hippotion dexippus Fawcett, 1915 Accepted Hippotion dexippus Hippotion dexippus, sp. n.
Hippotion exclamationis Fawcett, 1915 Synonym Hippotion exclamationis Hippotion exclamationis, sp. n.
Hippotion socotrensis diyllus Fawcett, 1915 Accepted Hippotion socotrensis diyllus Hippotion diyllus, sp. n.
Kenyarctia epicaste (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Diacrisia epicaste Diacrisia epicaste, sp. n.
Leipoxais roxana (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Pachymeta roxana Pachymeta roxana, sp. n.
Metarctia neaera Fawcett, 1915 Synonym Metarctia neaera Metarctia neaera, sp. n.
Micralarctia punctulatum evadne (Fawcett, 1915) Synonym Amsacta punctulatum evadne Amsacta evadne, sp. n.
Nephele vespera Fawcett, 1915 Synonym Nephele vespera Nephele hespera, sp. n.
Ovios nealces Fawcett, 1915 Accepted Ovios nealces Ovios nealces, sp. n.
Palasea arete (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Lymantria arete Lymantria arete, sp. n.
Palasea melia melia (Fawcett, 1915) Accepted Lymantria melia melia Lymantria melia, sp. n.