Southern African Lepidoptera. A series of cross-referenced indices.

Author:Vári L. & Kroon D.
Publisher:Lepidopterists Society of Southern Africa and the Transvaal Museum, Pretoria.
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Achaea klugei (Vári & Kroon, 1986) Misapplied Heliophisma klugei [Heliophisma] klugei [sic] croceipennis (Walker, 1857)
Aglossa rubrivittata (Vári & Kroon, 1986) Misapplied Tyndis rubrivittata [Tyndis] rubrivittata [sic] Grünberg, 1910
Ancylosis platynephis Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Ancylosis platynephis [Ancylosis (Heterographis)] platynephis [sic] (de Joannis, 1927)
Asthenotricha dentissima Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Asthenotricha dentissima [Asthenotricha] dentissima Warren, 1899
Azygophleps aurivilli (Vári & Kroon, 1986) Misapplied Pempelia aurivilli [Zeuzera] aurivilli [sic] Kirby, 1892
Brachia breyeri (Vári & Kroon, 1986) Misapplied Omocenoides breyeri [Omocenoides] breyeri [sic] Janse, 1964
Cameraria hexabolina (Vári & Kroon, 1986) Misapplied Phyllonorycter hexabolina [Phyllonorycter] hexabolina [sic] (Vári, 1961)
Earias fuvidana Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Earias fuvidana [Earias] fuvidana [sic] Wallengren, 1863
Eupithecia coaegualis (Vári & Kroon, 1986) Misapplied Eupithecia coaegualis [Eupithecia] coaegualis Jansse, 1933
Grammodes afroculta Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Grammodes afroculta [Grammodes] afroculta [sic] Berio, 1956
Hadena fuscifasciata Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Hadena fuscifasciata [Hadena] fuscifasciata [sic] Walker, 1865
Hamartia clarrissa Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Hamartia clarrissa [Hamartia] clarrissa [sic] Hering, M., 1937
Lacipa bizonides Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Lacipa bizonides [Lacipa] bizonides [sic] (Butler, 1893)
Lecithocera flavipalpalis Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Lecithocera flavipalpalis [Lecithocera] flavipalpalis [sic] (Walsingham, 1891)
Leucania eupreata (Vári & Kroon, 1986) Misapplied Borolia eupreata [Borolia] eucreata [sic] Hampson, 1905
Mimopacha gerstaekerii Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Mimopacha gerstaekerii [Mimopacha] gerstaekerii [sic] (Dewitz, 1881)
Neopaschia flavocilliata Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Neopaschia flavocilliata [Neopaschia] flavocilliata [sic] Janse, 1922
Neuroxena obscurescens (Vári & Kroon, 1986) Misapplied Eohemera obscurescens [Eohemera] obscurescens [sic] Strand, 1909
Odites laconia Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Odites laconia [Odites] laconia [sic] Meyrick, 1927
Schoenobius craminarius Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Schoenobius craminarius [Schoenobius] craminarius [sic] Zeller, 1852
Scopula isolatata Vári & Kroon, 1986 Misapplied Scopula isolatata [Scopula] isolatata (ssp. of erinaria)