On moths from Somaliland. – In: Poulton E. B., On a collection of moths made in Somaliland by Mr. W. Feather.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:91–182, pls 1–2
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Achyra melanostictalis (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Pionea melanostictalis Pionea melanostictalis, sp. n.
Acontia caeruleopicta (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Hoplotarache caeruleopicta Hoplotarache caeruleopicta, sp. n.
Acontia mesoleuca (Hampson, 1916) Misapplied Tarache mesoleuca Tarache mesoleuca, sp. n.
Acontia miogona (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Tarache miogona Tarache miogona, sp. n.
Aconzarba exolivacea (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Ozarba exolivacea Ozarba exolivacea, sp. n.
Aconzarba semitorrida (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Ozarba semitorrida Ozarba semitorrida, sp. n.
Acrapex albicostata Hampson, 1916 Misapplied Acrapex albicostata Acrapex albicostata, sp. n.
Aedia eurymelas (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Catephia eurymelas Catephia eurymelas, sp. n.
Aedia mesonephele (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Catephia mesonephele Catephia mesonephele, sp. n.
Aedia pericyma (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Catephia pericyma Catephia pericyma, sp. n.
Aedia poliochroa poliochroa (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Catephia poliochroa poliochroa Catephia poliochroa, sp. n.
Aedia poliochroa (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Catephia poliochroa Catephia poliochroa, sp. n.
Aedia pyramidalis (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Catephia pyramidalis Catephia pyramidalis, sp. n.
Aethalopteryx mesosticta (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Duomitus mesosticta Duomitus mesosticta, sp. n.
Aethalopteryx simillima (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Duomitus simillima Duomitus simillima, sp. n.
Aethalopteryx steniptera (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Duomitus steniptera Duomitus steniptera, sp. n.
Amefrontia ignecolora (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Ethiopica ignecolora Ethiopica ignecolora, sp. n.
Amefrontia phaeocausta (Hampson, 1916) Synonym Ethiopica phaeocausta Ethiopica phaeocausta, sp. n.
Anania conistrotalis (Hampson, 1916) Synonym Pyrausta conistrotalis Pyrausta conistrotalis, sp. n.
Anoba trigonosema (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Tephrias trigonosema Tephrias trigonosema, sp. n.
Asplenia melanodonta rubrescens Hampson, 1916 Synonym Asplenia melanodonta rubrescens Asplenia rubrescens, sp. n.
Athetis discopuncta Hampson, 1916 Accepted Athetis discopuncta Athetis discopuncta, sp. n.
Authadistis camptogramma Hampson, 1916 Accepted Authadistis camptogramma Authadistis camptogramma, sp. n.
Beihania diascota (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Lyncestis diascota Lyncestis diascota, sp. n.
Bertula grisea (Hampson, 1916) Accepted Magulaba grisea Magulaba grisea, sp. n.