Captain Angus Buchanan's Aïr expedition. V. On the Lepidoptera collected by Captain A. Buchanan in northern Nigeria and the southern Sahara in 1919–1920.

Author:Rothschild W.
Journal:Novitates Zoologicae
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acontia asbenensis (Rothschild, 1921) Accepted Tarache asbenensis Tarache asbenensis sp. nov.
Acontia buchanani (Rothschild, 1921) Accepted Tarache buchanani Tarache buchanani sp. nov.
Adisura affinis Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Adisura affinis Adisura affinis sp. nov.
Aedia tristis (Rothschild, 1921) Misapplied Melanephia tristis Melanephia tristis (Snell.)
Aegocera rectilineoides Rothschild, 1921 Synonym Aegocera rectilineoides Aegocera brevivitta rectilineoides subsp. nov.
Brevipecten buchanani (Rothschild, 1921) Accepted Rhynchina buchanani Rhynchina buchanani sp. nov.
Casama griseola Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Casama griseola Casama griseola sp. nov.
Crypsotidia griseola Rothschild, 1921 Synonym Crypsotidia griseola Crypsotidia griseola sp. nov.
Eublemma bipartita Rothschild, 1921 Misapplied Eublemma bipartita Eublemma bipartita sp. nov.
Eublemma dissoluta Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Eublemma dissoluta Eublemma dissoluta sp. nov.
Eublemma perkeo Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Eublemma perkeo Eublemma perkeo sp. nov.
Eulocastra pseudozarboides Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Eulocastra pseudozarboides Eulocastra pseudozarboides sp. nov.
Eulocastra sahariensis Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Eulocastra sahariensis Eulocastra sahariensis sp. nov.
Grammodes buchanani Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Grammodes buchanani Grammodes buchanani sp. nov.
Hellula parva (Rothschild, 1921) Synonym Crypsotidia parva Crypsotidia parva sp. nov.
Hypena sordida Rothschild, 1921 Synonym Hypena sordida Hypena sordida sp. nov.
Ozarba damagarima Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Ozarba damagarima Ozarba damagarima sp. nov.
Parachalciope mixta Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Parachalciope mixta Parachalciope mixta sp. nov.
Pseudozarba abbreviata Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Pseudozarba abbreviata Pseudozarba abbreviata sp. nov.
Pseudozarba bella Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Pseudozarba bella Pseudozarba bella sp. nov.
Raphia buchanani Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Raphia buchanani Raphia buchanani sp. nov.
Tegostoma pseudonoctua (Rothschild, 1921) Accepted Eublemma pseudonoctua Eublemma pseudonoctua sp. nov.
Timora decorata buchanani Rothschild, 1921 Synonym Timora decorata buchanani Timora buchanani sp. nov.
Timora terracottoides Rothschild, 1921 Accepted Timora terracottoides Timora terracottoides sp. nov.
Zekelita sahariensis (Rothschild, 1921) Accepted Rhynchina sahariensis Rhynchinia sahariensis sp. nov.