Notes on Sphingidae, with descriptions of new species.

Author:Rothschild W.
Journal:Novitates Zoologicae
Pagination:65–98, pls 5–7
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Hippotion griseola (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Panacra griseola Panacra griseola sp. nov.
Hippotion lifuensis (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Panacra lifuensis Panacra lifuensis sp. nov.
Hippotion pseudovigil (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Panacra pseudovigil Panacra pseudovigil sp. nov.
Hippotion rosea (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Panacra rosea Panacra rosea sp. nov.
Hypaedalea butleri Rothschild, 1894 Accepted Hypaedalea butleri Hypaedalia [sic] butleri sp. nov.
Lophostethus dumolinii carteri Rothschild, 1894 Accepted Lophostethus dumolinii carteri Lophostethus carteri sp. nov.
Macroglossum burmanica (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Macroglossa burmanica Macroglossa burmanica sp. nov.
Nephele aureomaculata Rothschild, 1894 Synonym Nephele aureomaculata Nephele aureomaculata sp. nov.
Odontosida magnificum (Rothschild, 1894) Accepted Lophuron magnificum Lophuron magnificum sp. nov.
Odontosida pulcherrimum (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Lophuron pulcherrimum Lophuron pulcherrimum sp. nov.
Phylloxiphia bicolor (Rothschild, 1894) Accepted Clanis bicolor Clanis bicolor sp. nov.
Temnora clementsi (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Pterogon clementsi Pterogon clementsi sp. nov.
Temnora fallax (Rothschild, 1894) Misapplied Diodosida fallax Diodosida fallax (Staud.)
Temnora inornatum (Rothschild, 1894) Accepted Lophuron inornatum Lophuron inornatum sp. nov.
Temnora marginata brunnea (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Diodosida marginata brunnea Diodosida brunnea sp. nov.
Temnora plagiata maculatum (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Lophuron plagiata maculatum Lophuron maculatum sp. nov.
Temnora pseudopylas (Rothschild, 1894) Accepted Lophuron pseudopylas Lophuron pseudopylas sp. nov.
Temnora pseudopylas pseudopylas (Rothschild, 1894) Accepted Lophuron pseudopylas pseudopylas Lophuron pseudopylas sp. nov.
Temnora sardanus uniformis (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Diodosida sardanus uniformis Diodosida uniformis sp. nov.
Temnoripais lasti (Rothschild, 1894) Accepted Pterogon lasti Pterogon lasti sp. nov.
Theretra jugurtha obliterata Rothschild, 1894 Synonym Theretra jugurtha obliterata Theretra obliterata sp. nov.
Theretra orpheus natalensis (Rothschild, 1894) Synonym Panacra orpheus natalensis Panacra natalensis sp. nov.