Descriptions of some new species of Lepidoptera Heterocera, mostly from tropical Africa.

Author:Druce H.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:668–686, pl. 55
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acrojana sciron (Druce, 1887) Accepted Jana sciron Jana sciron, n. sp.
Aloa moloneyi (Druce, 1887) Accepted Areas moloneyi Areas moloneyi, n. sp.
Amerila fennia (Druce, 1887) Accepted Pelochyta fennia Pelochyta fennia, n. sp.
Amerila lupia (Druce, 1887) Accepted Pelochyta lupia Pelochyta lupia, n. sp.
Amusaron kolga (Druce, 1887) Accepted Norasuma kolga Norasuma kolga, n. sp.
Balacra herona (Druce, 1887) Accepted Anace herona Anace herona, n. sp.
Baria elsa (Druce, 1887) Accepted Natada elsa Natada elsa, n. sp.
Caryatis hersilia Druce, 1887 Accepted Caryatis hersilia Caryatis hersilia, n. sp.
Casphalia herpa (Druce, 1887) Synonym Anace herpa Anace ? herpa, n. sp.
Cleopatrina phocea (Druce, 1887) Accepted Pachypasa phocea Pachypasa ? phocea, n. sp.
Compactena hilda (Druce, 1887) Accepted Miresa hilda Miresa hilda, n. sp.
Cosuma polana Druce, 1887 Accepted Cosuma polana Cosuma polana, n. sp.
Eulophonotus stephania (Druce, 1887) Accepted Zeuzera stephania Zeuzera stephania, n. sp.
Eumeta cervina Druce, 1887 Accepted Eumeta cervina Eumeta cervina, n. sp.
Gonometa nysa Druce, 1887 Accepted Gonometa nysa Gonometa nysa, n. sp.
Griveaudyria cangia (Druce, 1887) Accepted Dasychira cangia Dasychira cangia, n. sp.
Hecata splendens (Druce, 1887) Accepted Megasoma splendens Megasoma splendens, n. sp.
Heraclia pentelia (Druce, 1887) Accepted Eusemia pentelia Eusemia pentelia, n. sp.
Heraclia perdix (Druce, 1887) Accepted Eusemia perdix Eusemia perdix, n. sp.
Hibrildes norax Druce, 1887 Accepted Hibrildes norax Hibrildes norax, n. sp.
Hylemeridia eurema dexithea (Druce, 1887) Synonym Hylemera eurema dexithea Hylemera dexithea, n. sp.
Latoia urda (Druce, 1887) Accepted Parasa urda Parasa urda, n. sp.
Leocyma camilla (Druce, 1887) Accepted Xanthodes camilla Xanthodes camilla, n. sp.
Macrocossus toluminus (Druce, 1887) Accepted Cossus toluminus Cossus toluminus, n. sp.
Mallocampa audea (Druce, 1887) Accepted Eutricha audea Eutricha audea, n. sp.