On Lepidoptera collected at Kurrachee.

Author:Swinhoe C.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:503–529, pls 47–48
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acontia hortensis Swinhoe, 1885 Accepted Acontia hortensis Acontia hortensis, n. sp.
Chilo zonellus (Swinhoe, 1885) Misapplied Crambus zonellus Crambus zonellus, n. sp.
Clytie devia (Swinhoe, 1885) Accepted Pandesma devia Pandesma devia, n. sp.
Clytie infrequens (Swinhoe, 1885) Accepted Orthosia infrequens Orthosia infrequens, n. sp.
Dysacontia flavonigra (Swinhoe, 1885) Accepted Rivula flavonigra Rivula flavonigra, n. sp.
Eublemma bulla (Swinhoe, 1885) Accepted Anthophila bulla Anthophila bulla, n. sp.
Eublemma chalybea (Swinhoe, 1885) Synonym Micra chalybea Micra chalybea, n. sp.
Eublemma scitula futilis (Swinhoe, 1885) Synonym Erastria scitula futilis Erastria futilis, n. sp.
Glossotrophia jacta (Swinhoe, 1885) Accepted Idaea jacta Idaea jacta, n. sp.
Hypotacha sabulosa (Swinhoe, 1885) Synonym Caradrina sabulosa Caradrina sabulosa, n. sp.
Isturgia albofascia (Swinhoe, 1885) Synonym Fidonia albofascia Fidonia albofascia, n. sp.
Myana atromacula Swinhoe, 1885 Synonym Myana atromacula Myana atromacula, n. sp.
Myana sopora Swinhoe, 1885 Accepted Myana sopora Myana sopora, n. sp.
Palepicorsia palmalis (Swinhoe, 1885) Synonym Scopula palmalis Scopula palmalis, n. sp.
Rhabdophera arefacta (Swinhoe, 1885) Accepted Remigia arefacta Remigia arefacta, n. sp.
Susia uberalis (Swinhoe, 1885) Accepted Pyralis uberalis Pyralis uberalis, n. sp.
Thyridiphora furia (Swinhoe, 1885) Accepted Micra furia Micra furia, n. sp.