Descriptions of new genera and species of Lepidoptera Phalaenae of the subfamily Noctuinae (Noctuidae) in the British Museum (Natural History).

Author:Hampson G. F.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis, London.
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Aburina coerulescens Hampson, 1926 Accepted Aburina coerulescens Aburina coerulescens, n. sp.
Aburina endoxantha Hampson, 1926 Accepted Aburina endoxantha Aburina endoxantha, n. sp.
Aburina leucocharagma Hampson, 1926 Accepted Aburina leucocharagma Aburina leucocharagma, n. sp.
Aburina phoenocrosmena Hampson, 1926 Accepted Aburina phoenocrosmena Aburina phoenocrosmena, n. sp.
Aburina poliophaea Hampson, 1926 Accepted Aburina poliophaea Aburina poliophaea, n. sp.
Aburina tetragramma Hampson, 1926 Accepted Aburina tetragramma Aburina tetragramma, n. sp.
Acantholipes plumbeonitens Hampson, 1926 Accepted Acantholipes plumbeonitens Acantholipes plumbeonitens, n. sp.
Acrobyla ariefera Hampson, 1926 Synonym Acrobyla ariefera Acrobyla ariefera, n. sp.
Aedia abrostolica (Hampson, 1926) Accepted Catephia abrostolica Catephia abrostolica, n. sp.
Aedia albirena (Hampson, 1926) Synonym Catephia albirena Catephia albirena, n. sp.
Aedia cryptodisca (Hampson, 1926) Accepted Catephia cryptodisca Catephia cryptodisca, n. sp.
Aedia dipterygia (Hampson, 1926) Accepted Catephia dipterygia Catephia dipterygia, n. sp.
Aedia metaleuca (Hampson, 1926) Accepted Catephia metaleuca Catephia metaleuca, n. sp.
Aedia microcelis (Hampson, 1926) Accepted Catephia microcelis Catephia microcelis, n. sp.
Aedia pallididisca (Hampson, 1926) Accepted Catephia pallididisca Catephia pallididisca, n. sp.
Aedia pyramidalis pyramidalis (Hampson, 1926) Accepted Catephia pyramidalis pyramidalis Catephia pyramidalis, sp. n.
Aedia scotaea (Hampson, 1926) Accepted Catephia scotaea Catephia scotaea, n. sp.
Anachrostis metaphaea Hampson, 1926 Accepted Anachrostis metaphaea Anachrostis metaphaea, n. sp.
Anoba endophaea Hampson, 1926 Synonym Anoba endophaea Anoba endophaea, n. sp.
Anoba microloba Hampson, 1926 Accepted Anoba microloba Anoba microloba, n. sp.
Anoba microphaea Hampson, 1926 Accepted Anoba microphaea Anoba microphaea, n. sp.
Anoba phaeotermesia Hampson, 1926 Accepted Anoba phaeotermesia Anoba phaeotermesia, n. sp.
Anoba rufitermina Hampson, 1926 Accepted Anoba rufitermina Anoba rufitermina, n. sp.
Anoba socotrensis Hampson, 1926 Accepted Anoba socotrensis Anoba socotrensis, n. sp.
Anomis endochlora Hampson, 1926 Accepted Anomis endochlora Anomis endochlora, n. sp.