New South African Microlepidoptera.

Author:Meyrick E.
Journal:Annals of the South African Museum
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Agdistis cretifera Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Agdistis cretifera Agdistis cretifera, n. sp.
Agdistis criocephala Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Agdistis criocephala Agdistis criocephala, n. sp.
Amydria poliodes Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Amydria poliodes Amydria poliodes, n. sp.
Aproaerema oxyspila (Meyrick, 1909) Accepted Anacampsis oxyspila Anacampsis oxyspila, n. sp.
Aristotelia ptilastis Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Aristotelia ptilastis Aristotelia ptilastis, n. sp.
Batrachedra oemias Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Batrachedra oemias Batrachedra oemias, n. sp.
Blastobasis taricheuta Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Blastobasis taricheuta Blastobasis taricheuta, n. sp.
Caloptilia prosticta (Meyrick, 1909) Accepted Gracillaria prosticta Gracilaria [sic] prosticta, n. sp.
Choristoneura heliaspis (Meyrick, 1909) Accepted Cacoecia heliaspis Cacoecia heliaspis, n. sp.
Coleophora megaloptila Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Coleophora megaloptila Coleophora megaloptila, n. sp.
Compsoctena brachyctenis (Meyrick, 1909) Accepted Melasina brachyctenis Melasina brachyctenis, n. sp.
Cosmopterix antichorda Meyrick, 1909 Synonym Cosmopterix antichorda Cosmopteryx [sic] antichorda, n. sp.
Crassuncus serpens (Meyrick, 1909) Synonym Pterophorus serpens Pterophorus serpens, n. sp.
Diocosma callichroa Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Diocosma callichroa Diocosma callichroa, n. ap.
Diocosma ceramopis Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Diocosma ceramopis Diocosma ceramopis, n. sp.
Encolpotis xanthoria Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Encolpotis xanthoria Encolpotis xanthoria, n. sp.
Epichoristodes ionephela (Meyrick, 1909) Synonym Proselena ionephela Proselena ionephela, n. sp.
Eucosma insolens Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Eucosma insolens Eucosma (?) insolens, n. sp.
Eugnosta stigmatica (Meyrick, 1909) Accepted Pharmacis stigmatica Pharmacis stigmatica, n. sp.
Glyphipterix stelucha Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Glyphipterix stelucha Glyphipteryx [sic] stelucha, n. sp.
Gymnelema stibarodes (Meyrick, 1909) Accepted Melasina stibarodes Melasina stibarodes, n. sp.
Gypsochares astragalotes (Meyrick, 1909) Accepted Pselnophorus astragalotes Pselnophorus astragalotes, n. sp.
Gypsosaris coniata Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Gypsosaris coniata Gypsosaris coniata, n. sp.
Harpella scolopistis Meyrick, 1909 Accepted Harpella scolopistis Harpella scolopistis, n. sp.
Homalopsycha rapida (Meyrick, 1909) Accepted Amydria rapida Amydria rapida, n. sp.