Descriptions of South African Micro-Lepidoptera.

Author:Meyrick E.
Journal:Annals of the South African Museum
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acanthocheira loxopa (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Amydria loxopa Amydria loxopa, n. sp.
Agonopterix compacta (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Depressaria compacta Depressaria compacta, n. sp.
Athrips ptychophora (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Epithectis ptychophora Epithectis ptychophora, n. sp.
Ceromitia geminata Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Ceromitia geminata Ceromitia geminata, n. sp.
Coesyra campylotis Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Coesyra campylotis Coesyra campylotis, n. sp.
Coesyra centrobola Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Coesyra centrobola Coesyra centrobola, n. sp.
Compsoctena autoderma (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Melasina autoderma Melasina autoderma, n. sp.
Compsoctena dermatodes (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Melasina dermatodes Melasina dermatodes, n. sp.
Compsoctena microctenis (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Melasina microctenis Melasina microctenis, n. sp.
Depressaria prospicua Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Depressaria prospicua Depressaria prospicua, n. sp.
Dichomeris torrefacta (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Brachmia torrefacta Brachmia torrefacta, n. sp.
Eudemis globigera (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Argyroploce globigera Argyroploce globigera, n. sp.
Hectaphelia vestigialis (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Epichorista vestigialis Epichorista vestigialis, n. sp.
Hypatima melanecta (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Chelaria melanecta Chelaria melanecta, n. sp.
Isocrita eremasta Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Isocrita eremasta Isocrita eremasta, n. sp.
Ochrodia ericnista (Meyrick, 1914) Synonym Phthorimaea ericnista Phthorimaea ericnista, n. sp.
Ocystola proxena Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Ocystola proxena Ocystola (?) proxena, n. sp.
Odites artigena (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Xylorycta artigena Xylorycta artigena, n. sp.
Odites inversa Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Odites inversa Odites inversa, n. sp.
Odites obvia Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Odites obvia Odites obvia, n. sp.
Orygocera imbellis (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Epiphractis imbellis Epiphractis imbellis, n. sp.
Philobota dryinota Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Philobota dryinota Philobota dryinota, n. sp.
Picrospora medicata (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Acorostoma medicata Acorostoma medicata, n. sp.
Plesiosticha endocentra (Meyrick, 1914) Accepted Borkhausenia endocentra Borkhausenia endocentra, n. sp.
Pseudurgis leucosema Meyrick, 1914 Accepted Pseudurgis leucosema Pseudurgis leucosema, n. sp.