The Moths of South Africa. VI. Gelechiadae.

Author:Janse A. J. T.
Publisher:E. P. and Commercial Printing Company, Durban.
Pagination:1–144, pls 1–32
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acutitornus munroi Janse, 1958 Accepted Acutitornus munroi Acutitornus munroi, species nov.
Antoniejanse griseoptera (Janse, 1958) Accepted Paratelphusa griseoptera Paratelphusa griseoptera spec. nov.
Antoniejanse reducta (Janse, 1958) Accepted Paratelphusa reducta Paratelphusa reducta spec. nov.
Asapharcha centrotype (Janse, 1958) Misapplied Melitoxestis centrotype
Asapharcha hirsuta (Janse, 1958) Accepted Lasiarchis hirsuta Lasiarchis hirsuta spec. nov.
Athrips bruneosparsa (Janse, 1958) Accepted Parapsectris bruneosparsa Parapsectris bruneosparsa sp. nov.
Athrips cretula (Janse, 1958) Misapplied Gelechia cretula Gelechia cretula Meyr.
Athrips tholea (Janse, 1958) Misapplied Parapsectris tholea
Capnosema celidota Janse, 1958 Accepted Capnosema celidota Capnosema celidota spec. nov.
Dichomeris taphritis Janse, 1958 Misapplied Dichomeris taphritis
Lacharissa tanyzanela Janse, 1958 Misapplied Lacharissa tanyzanela
Leuronoma magna Janse, 1958 Accepted Leuronoma magna Leuronoma magna spec. nov.
Neotelphusa anisogrisea Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa anisogrisea Neotelphusa anisogrisea, spec. nov.
Neotelphusa bimaculata Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa bimaculata Neotelphusa bimaculata spec. nov.
Neotelphusa cirrhomacula Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa cirrhomacula Neotelphusa cirrhomacula spec. nov.
Neotelphusa ferrugilinea Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa ferrugilinea Neotelphusa ferrugilinea spec. nov.
Neotelphusa flavinotata Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa flavinotata Neotelphusa flavinotata spec. nov.
Neotelphusa fuscisparsa Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa fuscisparsa Neotelphusa fuscisparsa spec. nov.
Neotelphusa pallidistola Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa pallidistola Neotelphusa pallidistola spec. nov.
Neotelphusa phaeomacula Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa phaeomacula Neotelphusa phaeomacula spec. nov.
Neotelphusa similella Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa similella Neotelphusa similella spec. nov.
Neotelphusa tapinota Janse, 1958 Accepted Neotelphusa tapinota Neotelphusa tapinota spec. nov.
Ochrodia pentamacula (Janse, 1958) Accepted Ephysteris pentamacula Ephysteris pentamacula spec. nov.
Photodotis abachausi Janse, 1958 Accepted Photodotis abachausi Photodotis abachausi spec. nov.
Pseudotelphusa griseotincta Janse, 1958 Accepted Pseudotelphusa griseotincta Pseudotelphusa griseotincta spec. nov.