Insects of Saudi Arabia. Lepidoptera: Fam. Noctuidae (Part 4). – In: Büttiker, . (ed.), Fauna of Saudi Arabia 6.

Author:Wiltshire E. P.
Journal:Fauna of Saudi Arabia
Publisher:Natural History Museum Basel and National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development Riyadh.
Volume:6 (1984)
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Armada gallagheri Wiltshire, 1985 Accepted Armada gallagheri Armada gallagheri n. sp.
Brevipecten biscornuta Wiltshire, 1985 Accepted Brevipecten biscornuta Brevipecten biscornuta n. sp.
Diadochia stigmatica Wiltshire, 1985 Accepted Diadochia stigmatica Diadochia stigmatica n. sp.
Lacteosura dhofarica (Wiltshire, 1985) Accepted Mimasura dhofarica Mimasura dhofarica n. sp.
Neaxestis aviuncis Wiltshire, 1985 Accepted Neaxestis aviuncis Neaxestis aviuncis n. sp.
Ozarba jarsisi (Wiltshire, 1985) Synonym Oedicodia jarsisi Oedicodia jarsisi n. sp.
Pioneabathra larseni (Wiltshire, 1985) Synonym Mimasura larseni Mimasura larseni n. sp.
Pseudozarba schencki orthozona Wiltshire, 1985 Accepted Pseudozarba schencki orthozona Pseudozarba orthozona n. sp.